About Us

Briguy’s Roblox was started back in January 2008 as a project from Briguy to see how much Roblox needed guides. The blog got its debut when a guide was written about Bread Factory Tycoon. When Briguy submitted it to the place owner, UberUbert, he liked it. The guide was put up on the Roblox Wiki, with a link to Briguy’s Roblox. The guide was deleted, but it was there long enough for the Admins to take notice.

Now, our main focus is still guides, but we also like to give out news, opinions, and even Places of the Week. The whole idea of Places of the Week is to get those great places to the top of the games list where they belong. We are always looking for new places to spotlight or guide, so send us a request today!

About Briguy

Briguy (Better known as briguy9876) is the owner of Briguys Roblox. His real name is Brian, if you couldn’t tell already. He joined in July of 07. Briguy became a Forum Mod in September of 08, and after turning 18 rejoined the mod team as an A-Team moderator. Currently he is finishing up high school and going to University of Wisconsin0- Platteville for college.

About Arceus25

Arceus25 is a Roblox User who joined the blog on 1/18/11(January 18th 2011) to help contribute to the blog as much as he can! His specialties/job in writing for the blog is writing place reviews, interviewing people, and the occasional posts on breaking news. Joined Roblox on 6/2/8(June 2nd 2008) and is still active as of this day. Currently in the 8th grade, and hoping to go through a four year college and have a career in Computer specialties and/or Graphics Designer.


9 Responses

  1. Hi. I’m emailing all the editors of the major roblox fan blogs to see if they want to run their own roblox contest. You’d come up with a contest idea, run the contest on your site, then we would provide some sort of prize to the winners. If you’re interested, send me an email. I’ll be sending out details in a couple of days.

  2. And why couldnt you just send me a PM through Roblox?

  3. I would trust its you then. I dont want noobs to be sending me fake comments

    And why does your IP that you made a comment with about 300 miles away from Roblox HQ?

  4. Briguy, ROBLOXJuice got a comment by Telamon as well.
    I find it weird he did not message us on ROBLOX.

    Ah well, I sent him a reply anyway.

  5. um..can I use the guilde seurvery for guides to hard places like build to surrive made by someone else

  6. Ya. I wonder. ~_~ Is he for real?

  7. Well, the 2 comments on the 08 post came from the same IP…Im beginning to think its for real.

  8. The E-mail that Telamon input is pretty convincing. I trust its him. Plus, I don’t think anybody would have any real reason to impersonate him.

  9. ya that telamon commet is probably for real

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