July Fourth

For the past three years, I’ve put on a small July Fourth convention with a few little booths, and everyone having fun. It was always a big hit.

And then I noticed that it’s been a while since we’ve had a Briguy’s Roblox contest. So, I thought: Hey, what if I incorporate the July Fourth convention I always have? And then I thought: That would be cool! But how?

Here’s how: The July Fourth convention has been put on by myself for three years now. It’s always been put on in half an hour or less, a spur of the moment thing. This year I’d like to make it a bit better. We’re going to do something along the lines of a middle school science fair. Everyone makes a small booth, and we all vote on the winners.

Here’s some rules:

  • The booth has to be put on a 32×48 square base, with one open side, and three walls.
  • The booth has to be one group, with your username stated clearly somewhere in it.
  • The booth has to have a purpose. And July Fourth doesn’t count. Examples: “Uncle Sam: Tribute to historical figures,” “Illegal Fireworks,” “Picnic,” “Why I hate Republicans,”
  • Seeing as how Bastille day is around the corner, you’re free to do something along the lines of that.
Here’s how it’ll work.
  1. For a few weeks, we’ll have the sign-up period. You can sign yourself up for the convention. (See below)
  2. I’ll begin setting up the booths in a big convention place.
  3. After the booths are set up, we’ll have the convention. It’ll go on for a couple of days.
  4. Then I’ll pick the top five booths.
  5. I’ll publish a poll on the site asking which one your favorite is.
  6. After probably a day of voting, I’ll release the winner on the fourth.
Have fun! There’s an entry form below:

Please PM “Knexer” on Roblox if you have any questions.

Reign and Conquer 1.3.3, by SirGelatina

Here’s my new guide, as promised by Briguy.


I.                    Basics

II.                 Building Up

III.               Offense

IV.              Defense

V.                 Misc.

VI.              Ending


I.                    Basics

I know some of you have probably been waiting for a guide on this place.  I’ve wanted to write one for some time now, and here it is.  This game is pretty complex, it’s got tons of scripting in it.  The controls can take a while to figure out if you don’t know them.  You can use the Kingdom tool to do most of the stuff in the game.  Use Q and E to cycle through buildings that you’d like to build, and then click to build it.  To use the command tool, click on a caravan or unit of soldiers and drag them to the spot you’d like them to go.  If you’d like to send a large amount of troops, use this command:  move/Player name/Number of troops or just the word “all.”


II.                 Building Up

At the beginning of the game, you receive beginner protection to keep you from getting overrun by other players right after you join the game.  You need to take advantage of this.  Some people like to turn it off while they still have it by pushing “k” when the Kingdom Tool is selected.  This is not a good idea.  When you start, you need to place your castle somewhere.  Choose wisely.  Don’t place it right next to the strongest player in the game, and don’t place it out where there are no resources.  You’ll want to choose a spot that has some gold and some trees near it, maybe one or two of each.  I, myself, like to pick a spot that borders the edge of the map.  A corner with resources is even better.  You have two sides that don’t need to be defended.  Once your castle is placed, you have the money left over for one lumber mill and one gold mine, exactly.  There are some other buildings you could buy, but those two are probably the best choices.  Wait a bit, and you’ll have a bit more cash.  Keep building gold mines and lumber mills, leaning a bit toward the mines.  You’ll need the extra gold later.  After you’ve got a nice amount of buildings, build a complete wall around your kingdom.  No gates (I usually don’t make alliances unless it’s somebody that I know).  Now, build guard towers on all the wall segments, except for two squares right next to one another.  You’ll get rid of those later, but it’s good to have a bit of protection in case somebody attacks from there.  These towers are absolutely necessary, or enemies will stomp all over you.  After you’ve build all your guard towers, save up money again for a fortress.  Build this fortress right next to the edge of your castle, and get rid of the wall parts without towers that are touching the edge of the fortress’s building boundaries.  Then, build another wall with guard towers around the fortress.  This is where that gold you saved up at the beginning comes in.  Start building temples inside your fortress boundaries.  Just build them until you don’t have room for any more.  Once those temples have raked in enough cash for you, get rid of all the lumber mills and gold mines inside your main castle complex.  Replace them all with towns.  Not villages, towns.  Villages are cheaper, but they’re of lower quality.  These towns will provide the population needed for warfare.


III.               Offense

When fighting a war, you can’t just sit back and watch your enemy pound away at your walls.  Show them that you’re not to be messed with.  While they’re busy working down your guard towers, build a second fortress near their base.  Around it, build a ton of workshops.  If your enemy is near the coast, get some attack ships as well.  This will work great, because you have the money from the temples and the population from the towns you built earlier.  Use the command tool to move your ships, and rally points for your catapults.  Select the command tool, and then click on a workshop.  The square it’s on should become shiny.  Move your mouse until you find the square that is below part of the wall you are attacking.  Click on it, and repeat this with your other workshops and with a few other wall segments.  Don’t use the mass troop movement order mentioned earlier, that’ll give your attack away.  The enemy won’t know what hit them.  Make sure you check back with your base so you can rebuild any walls or buildings that have been knocked down.  Then, go back to your assault.  If this works successfully, your foe will still be struggling to compete with the repairs that you’re completing on your walls, while they have absolutely no idea about your attack on theirs.  Get through a chunk of their wall, and then send your catapults at the castle.  Forget about attacking other buildings, the castle is the only thing that will make them fall.  Once you’ve damaged their castle, check back on yours less frequently, you need to attend to your attack.  Keep pounding at the castle until it falls.  You know about offense, now let’s get into defense.


IV.              Defense

I went into defense a bit, but that’s when you’re attacking at the same time.  Defense has the same concept as offense.  If you have an enemy battering away at your walls, and you don’t want to just sit there until they fall down, do something about it.  Build a fortress behind your enemy’s attack fortress (or castle, but then, look at IV again), and then put some workshops on it.  This time around, you don’t care about the main building so much as the smaller ones.  A fortress can’t do much on its own.  Take out the military buildings.  If they have nothing with which to recruit troops, they’re going to run out.  Initially, they’ll try to rebuild the stuff you destroy.  Money doesn’t last forever.  Plus, the more you attack, the more they’ll divert they’re attack to your defense fortress.  Isn’t that what you were trying for the whole time, for them to lay off your castle?  Well, after that, you won’t be able to destroy so much so easily.  However, stick to your guns, and this time hit the fortress.  If your troops are busy fighting enemy troops, destroying buildings won’t do much, because you may destroy a few, but then your troops will be tangled up with the enemy, giving them time to rebuild.  Have your catapults work over their fortress.


V.                 Misc.

This is just a few tips and tricks you can use.  To start with, use something as simple.  Deception.  It isn’t nice, but since when is war nice?  You don’t need to tell the enemy how much beginner protection you have left.  It’ll keep the enemy off while you’re still building.  Also, don’t ever tell people what you’re planning.  Kind of obvious…  Secondly, some people don’t know how to build guard towers.  All you have to do is click near the edge of the square, or on the side of it.  Next (this one’s obvious), wear a god t-shirt.  They don’t cost that much, but they really do make a difference.  Fourth, most alliances aren’t that great.  I only ally with people if they’re friends of mine.  You shouldn’t ally with people you don’t know.  As soon as they build up, they can attack and kill you.  If you both become successful, you end up having to share power.  Not a good thing.  And if you do make an alliance, don’t betray your ally.  People won’t trust you, which doesn’t help with the whole deception thing.  However, after you are about to conquer someone, give him/her the option of surrender.  This will make you seem…  nicer.  They will become, essentially, a slave to you.  Don’t betray these guys either; just keep them in the palm of your hand.  They can come in handy when fighting other people.


VI.              Ending

Well, there you have it.  My first guide since…  I don’t know, a very long time ago.  It’s the first in 2009.  Hope it’s useful to you.  (note: this guide is subject to change along with the game)


Its amazing how something so old and simple can get an update and be fun. Robloxians are no strangers to pirate fights (And love) and Galleons gives a nice spin on the concept.

Basic Overview

Galleons is a team game of Red Vs. Blue. Each team has 2 identical ships. Each ship is loaded with about 24 cannons, and 5 explosive barrels. There are 2 barrels on the top, 2 in the middle, and one on the bottom. The barrels are either located in the front or in the back of the ship.


1. The most common strategy is to get on the front cannons, shoot their front cannons when in range, pass by while shooting on the side cannons, and turn and try to repeat.

2. There are only 3 cannons that shoot forward, so turn to the side and wait for them to come to you. You now have about 10 cannons facing the enemy, and you have more time to get to those explosive barrels.

3. Shoot at the fronts where the barrels are located. You can do a lot of damage when you shoot the barrels.

4. Shoot the enemy cannons, or the person running the cannons. Get half of your team to shoot cannon/marksmen while half work on doing damage.

5. The black ramps can be destroyed. Shoot them to cut off the enemy team to vital spots.

My Strategy

I would start by getting closer to the enemy, to speed things up. I would turn to the side to get more cannons facing the enemy. I would start by shooting the people running the cannons in the front, while the rest of my team shoots at the ship and trying to hit the barrels. When the enemy turns, the whole team will fire on their cannons. Some will shoot the back and try to reach the barrels back there.

ROBLOX Classics – Ultimate Paintball CTF

Ultimate Paintball CTF

Ultimate Paintball CTF

Ultimate Paintball goes way back. If you look closely at the December ROBLOX Demo video, you’ll see builderman fighting at this place, demonstrating the game of Paintball.

The object of the game is to rack up as many points as you can through wiping out your opposition using a heavily modified paintball gun. The normal mode fires basic but deadly paintballs that deal 50 damage to the target. The Sniper mode allows you to shoot lethal, super-fast paintballs, but it takes a long time to reload; one shot will be enough to kill your foe. Burst mode fires several weak (and not so accurate) paintballs. Grenade Mode allows you to throw paintball-sized grenades at your opponents at relatively short distances. It takes a long time to reload, but packs an explosive punch. In mid 2008, miked upgraded the Burst mode and added the melee attack. The melee attack allows you to pistol-whip your opponents up close, packing a lethal wallop.

Behind the fortresses are a long river, connecting them with fast-paced transport. If you’re lucky, you’ll find and pick up a rocket launcher to blow the competition away. Literally. No pun intended.

In the middle of the map, there’s a white patch of land, known as the “hill”. Staying alive atop the hill will slowly give you more points as you stay alive. Because the hill is a hot spot for a paintball blood bath, staying alive can be tricky. However, if you’re as good a paintball fighter as me, Poker_Man29, or especially MrStinky, then you’ll have no trouble.

On the other hand, if you were like us, you’d want to head to the other base and capture the flag. This is a difficult task, because staying alive on the trip to the other side is only half the mission. The enemy team’s defenders and snipers hanging in the towers will be well aware of you and try to take you out before you can get back to your base. If you want to play it safe (or if you’re just a plain noob), you may want to head behind their base and ride the river back to your base. If you want to brave yourself for the journey back, as most do, then you’ll wind up cutting back through the field again back to your base. Have your teammates back you up on your way to and from the base, and you should be alright. Though it’s a dangerous task, you will be rewarded greatly for capturing the flag. If you successfully capture the flag, you’ll score another hundred points for your team.

At the end of the game, the winning team is announced. Although you don’t get anything special for winning, the place is a great chance to rack up your KOs. And your wipeouts. The place was built and scripted with the skills we expect from miked. Personally, I think the paintball guns were the best touch. the multiple gun modes are great to experiment with to see what’s right to use in different situations. Therefore, Ultimate Paintball is a strategic game for fighting elites. Long story short, epic game.


Gladiator Arena Minigames

Yay, the first guide in ages!

Summary: Stealth Pilot works his minigame magic in Gladiator Arena Minigames (Also called GAM).

The place is uber-fun, and also very challenging. Lets run through the games, and give you some stratiges!

Game 1: BrickBattle Deathmatch

Kinda hard to tell you what to do here. If you stink at fighting with regular items, you are going to stink at this game. Try to play around cover, it can save your life.

Game 2: Manic Moonwalk

You might want to start by removing your hat. Hats can make you jump lower. After that, try to grab the orbs. However, beware of 2 things: 1. Orbs that spawn too far away. IF you try to grab it, and suceed, you will die from these orbs. and 2. Beware of Mobs of people, because they can make you fall early.

Game 3:Drawing Bridges

This is a nice game, but also a challenge. The AWP guns SP uses is funky. They may look like thay are  not working, and sometimes they are.

When fighting, do a Shoot-Cover-reload-Shoot technique. Locate your enemy. shoot them. Take cover by hiding halfway down the stairs. Reload, then repeat. If the enemy tries the same technique, try to get closer, or trick them into coming up, OR climb up a up-bridge. From there you can easily hit them.

Game 4: Clock Tower Brawl

This game is fairly straightforward: Punch your enemies out of the clock.

If you dont know how Punch tool works, heres a summary: You got to hit them with your arm, while your arm is moving forawrd. This time is very small, so you need to learn how to time with the Punch and knock them out. If you think you are going to be punched, JUMP! Turning wont help much.

Game 5: Final Fortress

A revival of Fort Wars, you build your base then fight with them

ALl bricks are anchored, and spawning bricks of diffrent sizes is easy. Your going to have to build a fort of your preference. I like building a base as high up as I can.

Game 6: Gladiator Dash

A simple race, but can turn un-fair in a split second

Try to not ram walls,. and try to stick to the paths that require little turning.

The lazer can knock you, or anyone else, out. Everyone but 1st can be hit,. Or just 1st cfan be hit. You just dont know. This game can be shifted in less than a second

Game 7: Hover Shovers

Simply Bumper Cars

At the beginning, you just need to survive. AS the platform starts to reach critcal size, stick to the middle as much as you can. You can try to turn your Car off, since 1 car cant push another without momentum.

Game 8: Spire Snipers

AWP fight in the fog

Try to stay out of the fog. It can screw up the path of your bullet. Get above fog. And find a nice sniping point.

(Note: If you have the GAm admin shirt, you might get launched way up high when being moved from the admin room to the game. Use this to your advantage and try to land on high platforms.)

Game 9: Kick In Drive


If the teams are even, expect a stalemate.

If they are un-even, put up a fight and try to make sure the other team doesnt push towards your goal. Not much else to say, its a hard game.

Game 10: Arena Aces


These planes are special, because 1 shot wont kill you. You have HP, and you wil lregain HP if left alone.

So shoot when you have high hp, and run  when you got low.

GreenMachine’s Juice Factory Tycoon Guide

Yay! Fianlly a guide after such a long drought!

Anyways, what are you waiting for? Get reading!

Continue reading

AWP_Map: Tips and Tricks

Clockwork’s new map, AWP_map has really peaked my and the communitys interest. Of course, the map is simply a sniper on Crossroads, but it is so much more. Because the place really doesnt need a “guide”, I’ll throw out some tips for you.

1. Tunnel under red’s side

Yep, theres a tunnel that goes from one corner of Red Team’s side to the other. You may notice that one entrance of the tunnel is covered by yellow grates. You can use your gun to blow them off and enter. Once inside, you can use your gun again to blow down the wall covering the tunnel. Soon you will end up on the other side of the map.

2. The castle is hollow.

Yep, theres a way to get into the walls of the castle. You can just start blowing away at the side of the castle, but an easier and less obivios way is to blow off the top of the walls. Then you can go to the corner of the castle, blow open more holes. (Remember your gun can shoot through the walls, so you need holes to see the enemy outside.) But remember, your gun can give you away.

3. Stick to more cover, high ground has 2 problems

THe more cover you have, the better. But since this is common sence, I just want to make a good point. All of the high points are the the 2 opposite corners of the map. Because they are so far from the center of the map, the game will remove some bricks that are far away, and making hitting your enemy near impossible.

4. Use zoom sparingly

Why would I say this? When your zooming, your left vulnerable to eeryone else who you arent aiming at. Use zoom only to hit that very far away target. All other times, just dont use the scope and put your paintballing skills to use.

5. Red side has more sniping points.

Sorry, I had to say it. Blue side has the wide-open tower, that big green den, and a house. Red side has a castle, multiple billboards, closer high points, 3mini towers and more rough terrain.