Hello person. I am Briguy9876, and I’m here to give you a short disclaimer.

Being a Roblox user of four years, and being a part of the Roblox staff for almost two, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge of Roblox: The people, the games, the inside jokes, and most of all, the deep inner workings only a handful see. However, being a part of the staff means I can’t and shouldn’t talk about the workings.

Please note: Anything posted on Briguy’s Roblox isn’t representative of the opinions of the Roblox Staff as a whole. I’ve seen all the major glowing pros of Roblox, but that also means I’ve seen all the dirty and hidden cons. I like talking about both the pros and cons because I like to think of solutions.

I am but one person. Please enjoy the rest of your blog reading.



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