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The fighting guide!

Roblox isn’t just a map of building. No, its a game of FIGHTING! While the amount of fighting maps have declined severely, they still linger. So, you need to know who to use the 6 basic brick-battle weapons.

1. Wall tool

The wall tool can be quite a funny tool, or an annoying one. It can be used to drop a wall on your opponent, or put one between you and his bullet. The wall is useful to stop any barrage of paintballs, superballs, or even slingshot pellets. But these walls disintegrate when a bomb or a rocket hits them, giving them a one time use. If your stuck in a small alleyway, use the wall tool to give your opponent something to get around. And since the tool has umlimited range, you can mess with someone from across the map.

2. Paintball Gun

While the paintball gun varies from map to map, I’m going to touch on Miked’s paintball gun. It is the most widely used, and most diverse. It has 3 modes, which can be changed with Q. Mode 1, the default mode, is a regular paintball gun. Its hard to determine what damage it does, but it usually take 1-3 hits to kill someone. In Miked’s Ultimate Paintball, it’s smart to shoot randomly across the field. You never know; you might actually hit someone! Next is sniper, where if you hit them, they die. Its hard to snipe from across map because of gravity, but practice a little. Just remember to aim a little above them! Last is Burst, a quick succession of bullets. This mode is very effective at close range, due to it’s power. It’s good for people with bad accuracy (or noobs, as we like to call them). The downside of Burst is the fact that it has a very short range.


The Superball is quite a funny tool indeed. While its damage is somewhere around 25 per hit, theres also a great way to knock someone over. If you hit them in the head, they fall down, giving you a nice hit. Superballs are also great to knock Bombs away and into a fight. While the Superball may be a fairly weak tool, it can become deadly if you use it correctly.

4. The Slingshot

You probably don’t use it as much if you have other options, but it’s still a tool. While the pellets are weak, they have a special power. The script calculates where you clicked, and gives the slingshot that much power to go there (Within a certain range.) That means if that someone is hiding behind a wall and you see part of them, aim for that part! Its also useful to stop incoming rockets, or even blow one up in someone’s face. The rapid fire of it is great.

5. The bomb

Big, round, shiny blue, and explosive. The bomb is a nice tool in destructive maps, but it takes a long time to explode. No one is going to sit and wait for it to blow. So, instead, put one down. fight a little. When you see its about to explode, whip out that Superball and hit the bomb into the nearest person, or even Group of people! Very fun!

6. The rocket launcher.

This seems to be the most popular, and for a very good reason. The most effective way to use this weapon is with the element of SURPRISE. It works great if you press the number button to pull it out. What you do is equip it then immediately shoot it. After you use it, either dodge madly, or pull out another weapon for about 7 seconds.

7. The Sword

The sword is the absolute basis of all close-range fighting tools. If you get close enough to slice them, take the opportunity. Just a few slices will take them out. and if they fight back, just remember to move out of the way, then quickly slash-and-turn. This does even MORE damage, and kills them quicker. Real fun 😀

Evasiveness Help: There are several strategies for dodging fatal slashes.
ONE: The surprise turn. This is the most common attack. What you do is keep running away in a straight line, keeping your foe right behind you. Eventually, you turn VERY quickly, go beside him, and hack and slash to death. If your foe isn’t slashing away randomly behind you, this is the best technique.
TWO: The jump over. This technique is at it’s best on narrow pathways, where you can’t turn from side to side. You can use it anywhere, but not reccomended. What you do is run away on the narrow path, and suddenly go back and jump over your enemy, then run away. You don’t actually lose them, but it can put some distance between you and him.
THREE: Predator to prey (the predator being the one chasing you). This one can be slightly difficult to do. Really, it’s somewhat a thing of luck. Anyway, if you’re being chased, look around you. If there is someone else coming after you, try to go between both of them. There’s a good chance they will weaken/kill each other, if they don’t kill you first.


Plane fighting

Planes are the most fun vehicle in ROBLOX. I don’t care what you say, they are the best. And they’re getting better.

Most planes today (V3/V4) are controlled with the mouse. When I fly, I hold down both my left and right mouse buttons, So I fly wherever I look. You can also fly with UHJK, the old way. Some more buttons to note are:

  • F – Fires rockets
  • Y – Starts Plane
  • X- Deactivates Plane
  • T- Does U-Turn

got it? In fighting, you need to keep your hands on that f key. But you simply can’t aim your mouse at them and fire. No, the rockets shoot slightly off from the mouse location. Its usually just below, but It could change. If someone is trying to get into a Dogfight, simply hit T if they are behind you, or just fly back around and fire. Shoot one or twice, then fly away, or you will get shot for flying head on. Oh, and if the person is starting to annoy you, simple ram the front of your plane into their plane. You both blow up. 😀


While you don’t see regular BrickBattle weapons anymore, they are useful skills to have. Try starting up Fort Wars again. Thats a fun one. And you get to create your own map! How fun!


22 Responses

  1. Ok, I finished editing it. I put in some more stuff and took other bits away to make it clearer, and I cleaned up the spelling/grammar.

  2. That sword fighting guide was really helpful. You see, I’m a ninja, and it’s pretty hard to defeat my enemies. The dodge thing was really helpful. Thanks.

    P.S. Vote Falco!

  3. could you maybe add a part of the guide for evasiveness? and capturing a flag? i thik that would be really helpful. nice site too! ^_^

  4. I haven’t seen Briguy around too often 😦
    I’ll add the evasiveness guide.

  5. Alright, done. Hope you like it ^_^

  6. lol

  7. Nice one, Btw my email doesnt really work because SOME NOOB has signed up with mine but i havnt got any emails about it, Strange my real email/MSN is jazza906@hotmail.co.uk

  8. For the paintball gun, you can press r to get a grenade mode. =D Well, ussually. I think I have used it on mikeds…

  9. Hey I know how to fight real well with the sowrds when some one with a sling shot starts shooting you reatret and when your in front of him you just trun to the back of him then slice!!!

  10. lol i use teh superball alot. if u use it on sombody and knock tehm ova, use a rocket to kill them while defenseless.i kall it a combo /=]

  11. Lol there is a bit you can add. For one there are 3 specailty planes types/seires that i know of,
    Gunyymikemans ( e to eject, p to boost, a for suicde, and a bit more.) Mathchamps (depends on the planes), and justinp312’s planes (ARwing and Wolfen), each with diffenrt controls. also, i agree with youngster there should be a combo guide =D

  12. OMG!!! Someone knows I exist?!? And they mentioned my specialty Arwing/Wolfen series? Cool. XD. You got my name a bit wrong, though… It’s JustinP231. Anyway… Onto my point. In the article, it says the plane missiles shoot slightly off from the mouse position, but in reality, that’s not true. Missiles actually shoot the way the plane is facing, from a specific point (the gun(s)) on the plane.

  13. Well, just pointing that out, because missile aim varies from plane to plane, depending on where the guns are placed.

  14. Interesting how you think of the wall tool as an escape tool, instead of a very useful attack combo 😉
    Think about it.

  15. now i really wanna go pwn some people!

  16. This is a very good guide! Join the URS ( United Robloxian Society ) It is mainly to help Robloxia keep hackers and rude people out so join at Quackatoes page send a PM!

  17. i just found a new discovery! ok when your falling the only stradegy any1 ever thinks of using is swinging wiledly to pause every few seconds, although this is different!
    ok when your falling just click on a certain tool that brings out a sword of some sort (im not sure if this works with guns I’ve never tested it)and keep clicking on that same tool rapidly (or the number of the tool) It works better than swinging because your constantly falling slowly, this could be something to add in an obby coarse too now that i think of it.

  18. um you forgot one thing the spinning move first just keep attacking then use the arrow and move on the side to make you spin clcik it while your doing it also

  19. Just Awesome…..

  20. i enjoy dogfighting but he dosent tell about any other vehicles!

  21. What other vechicles do you need to fight with?

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