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The Obsticle Course Guide

Here it is. In all of its glory. The guide to stomp all my other guides in the dust.

No, its not that good. But hey, at least its here.

Now, obsticle courses are fun and all, but they are meant to have a challenge. While every obsticle course is diffrent, most of the obsticle can be classified into simple categorys:

  1. Jumping
  2. Timing
  3. Sliding
  4. Invisible
  5. Moving/Dissapering

So, lets start on category number1:


All jumping obsticles are a pain, but they are not really all that hard. While these also go along with “Timing”, theres a bigger factor. The game has “Jump Lag”, the time between you hit your spacebar and the time your robloxian jumps. Usually, jump lag isnt there, but it comes to rear its head every so often. Jump lag can range from .25 of a second to 1 whole second. You just need to time it right. If you end up in a server that has very odd jump lag (None, then its .25, then none) I suggest you restart and go somewhere else, or justput up with it.

Also in this category, Trampolines. They send you up really high, and landing on the next one can be quite a challenge. If you cant seem to hit the nest one, simply zoom out slighly, look down, and make sure the trampline is under your legs. THat usually puts you ontop of the trampoline


Many timing obsticals are simply “Blades” That kill you on touch. So, you have to time it just right to get past these blades and get by safely. While I have seen a decline of timing obsticales (due to the ever increasing amount of memory ROBLOX needs), they arent dying yet.

Sliding (AKA Ice)

Sliding obsticales, also known as Ice, can be quite a challenge if you dont know the secret of ice skating. Heres the thing: If your holding WASD when you hit the ice, you will go that way. But if you hit the ice while touching nothing, you will stand still. So, heres how to get past a killing wall on the ice.

Lets say that the obsticle looks like a L, and you have to get around the wall. First, aim in the direction of the opening, and run towards it. When you get in the opening, JUMP, and dont hold WASD or any button. you will stop on the ice, giving you a chance to re-aim. Once you re-aim, jump again/ hold WASd in the direction of your choice, and repeat untill you get past the obsticle


An invisible obsticle can be a real pain. THey are usually one of two things: A path, and a maze. A invisible maze is hard to guide you on. If you are stuck, stand still, and use that green circle to find your way out (Th green circle will stick to walls, instead of going thru)

As for invisible paths, these arent so hard. Stop using WASD, and your mouse (If you have no tool selected) Will have a green circle. THis green circle appears when it is on a brick. Click, and you will go to that circle. So, since the green circle will show up on the invisible path, you can use it to find out where the path is and you can get past with no problems


These 2 sets of obsticles are not easy to run through, so take your time. Moving obsticles can actually be classified as : Velocity or Swinging. Swinging obsticles are usually a brick that is hinged onto a anchored brick. When you step on, it usually starts to turn untill it goes Vertical, and impossible to walk on. So, simple walk down the middle (And if you feel like it, rotate it to make the next person mad)

Velocity bricks have…well, Velocity. THey move you character when you stand on it. They usually push you off the brick, or backwards, or even forwards (And when it goes forward, watch out. ITs probably gonna shoot you off the end). Sometimes, Velocity and Jumping obsticles mesh together, so just time it either better.

And last but not least, dissappering bricks. THey can either dissaper using a script, or dissapper when you touch. if they are automated, simple wait, and get on when it re-appears. The ones that dissapear on touch, your just going to have to run


Its been awhile since I did an obsticle course, so some of these things mahy have died. Please, send me any info on obsticles you want to be guided on.


25 Responses

  1. cool ob course guide. I havent seen many velociy obsticles though πŸ˜›

  2. omg the invisble path 1 helps alot thx so much

  3. Nice guide! Thx

  4. Nice guide. The invisible path part was very helpful! Maybe I could finish an Obstical Course without falling too often! Xp

  5. I love ocs! But I prefer well dedcorated instead of the usual types… People also need to make new obstacles because lava jumping is getting kinda old. I hope somone starts working on that. Like ubertubert! He made this epic oc game, but it needs winner benefits.

  6. Lol P.S.
    Someone get to work on that! I need new oc stuff!!! NOW lol

  7. he forgot the which path up there

  8. i have an ob. course very many visits

  9. By the way in the invis path part some invisible paths require jumping so use your mouse a lot incase the green circle goes away so you have to jump to the other side of the invisible path

  10. Nice job. πŸ˜‰

  11. Good ways for obby course but they are too much so i stopped making them

  12. u rock plz visit my place im not a spammer

  13. ya there is a new style type of obbies now

  14. the winner of the builderman contest parade for places of king odf the hill, ya he made a cool obstical course but….. some obsticals hade to much of a hint

  15. cool

  16. omg thank you! =) πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›
    ( ‘_’ )
    ( >< )
    (”) (”)

  17. I’ve been doing oby courses for a while now and found a few new stradegies that only I know about (I think)
    I can only remember 1 of those stradegies right now and that is when you have to do a short jump to a small area, you can put your cursor on the place you want to land, then you hit space bar THEN click really fast, it should be a split second.
    This helps a lot for small jumps on invisible paths, small lava jumps, and many more things, it makes obies a ton easier.

  18. I new how to to the invisble pathe even before i read this…

  19. Lol, when I clicked on this, I thought it was goimg to help you make an obstical course. I need help with that. Good guide still!

  20. old and out-dated

  21. lol. It didn’t teach me anything, but it was helpful.

  22. Though these are the basic of Obstacle Course, even still today. I suspect that if a user can’t even think of these simple, and overused obstacles, that they could hardly be creative with them either.

    Semi-Useful information I suppose, not to myself though.

  23. No one really uses velocity or moving and they overuse lava…

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