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Chapter 1

My Story: Beginnings

Hah. Just thinking back to the beginning of this story makes me wonder how it all started. How I got into this, and how I am going to get out. I am sitting here, writing this little journal, in this world, wondering…why. Of course, I long for the real world. But for now, I will have to settle with this new one.

I have to settle for Robloxia.

(2 weeks earlier…)

Briguy is sitting in his room. A normal room. In a normal neighboorhood. A thunderstorm is raging outside. It is a normal storm to the midwest. Nothing seems amiss.

Briguy is chatting with a few other Roblox mods.

Briguy: Man it is stormy outside
Doom: It’s clear here.
Jacob: Same.
Josh: Same.
Briguy: Well of course you two are the same.
Doom: Hah.
Briguy: Everything fine on the fourms?
Doom: Yup.
Briguy: Okay. I’m going to continue to work on my map.
Jacob: Okay.
*Briguy has left the chat*

Briguy loads the Roblox game, and continues to work.

(Meanwhile, at Roblox HQ in California)

Telamon, Builderman, and many other devs are working hard away at code. Vibhu is checking out site stats when he notices something amiss. Vibhu shoots Telamon an IM

Vibhu: Something is wrong.
Telamon: What is it?
Vibhu: For some reason, site and game traffic in the midwest shot up. And it isn’t stopping.
Telamon: So whats wrong?
Vibhu: If it doesn’t stop anytime soon, we need to cut it off to keep the site up
Telamon: Keep it monitored. If you need to, cut them off.
Vibhu: Okay
*The chat has ended*

Back at Briguy’s home, the storm still rages on. Lights flicker and the wild blows. All normal for Briguy. He continues on with his map. He begins to stand up when the clouds discharge a massive amount of lightning. It travels up the powerlines, and into the home. It goes through the computer wire, into the screen. Lighting is the last thing Briguy remembers seeing in the real world.

Back at Roblox HQ, Vibhu is forced to cut off traffic in and out from the Midwest, isolating it.

(End chapter 1)

Continue on to Chapter 2, or return to the main page.


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