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Chapter 10

Chapter Ten: Carnage

The battle went on for what felt like an hour, but was closer to about fifteen minutes. It was just a constant stream of shadows and evil. I fought as hard as I could. Strangely, I never got exhausted. I figured that whoever I was in this world was super-fit and never got tired. Or, no one got tired at all. I didn’t really care anymore after I got annoyed at the shadows.

Soon, it was over. The meteors that crashed into the ground almost seemed to fade away, and almost *poof* out of existence. When they did, so did all the shadows. All the other fighters stood up and started to regather. Some almost celebrated and started to talk smack.

“I got three hundred. What about you?”
“The same.”
“No way. I was watching you. You weren’t even being swarmed.”
“Well, it’s kinda hard to count in a situation like…”

“Enough!” I yelled at the two. They both shut up and looked at me, confused at my outburst. “Listen, I don’t think Gorden or Seal told you guys what is up.” Everyone was looking at me now.


“Amazing” said the first guy. Everyone was in shock. We stood there for almost 5 minutes before someone spoke up.

“You know, we better tell the Greaters about this..”

“The Greaters?” I asked. I looked around. I saw fear, but also agreement. “You mean….The admins?”

Everyone looked at me like I just said a strange word, but everyone knew that I knew where I was going and who I was talking to. Gordon walked up to me.

“I’ll take him. Everyone else stay here and protect. We shouldn’t be gone long.” Everyone turned and went back into the sphere, but took one final glance at me. Gordon turned towards me and gave me one glance over. “Getting to the Greaters means that you have to use the hammer. Simply imagine going to them, place it head down, and spin. You’ll see.”

Gordon took at step back and took his hammer out. He placed it on the ground, put one hand on it, closed his eyes, and gave it a spin. A sphere of energy flew out of the hammer, and engulfed him. The sphere then closed in on itself until it was gone. Just…gone.

I did the same. I took it out, and envisioned being there in front of the admins. I spun, and the sphere appeared. I was so focused on it…

that I didn’t notice the shadow approaching. When I did see it, I was in my face. And it only said one thing.

“Thanks for the ride.”

Flash! We were gone…and I was in a great hall. Pillars and torches. Nothing else. Yep, the admins were here.

(End chapter 10)

Continue on to Chapter 11, or return to the main page.


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