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Chapter 11

Chapter Eleven: I’m not alone

I was all alone in this hall. Not even that shadow that jumped in was here. I guess it got destroyed on the trip. But if it knew it would get hurt on the way here, why did it do that? I should ask when I go in.

I saw some more torches light up, leading to a big door. Wow, they had the giant doors too. This place just screamed “the big-wigs are here.” But, I was here for a reason, so I walked to the doors. I took a deep breath, and entered.

There was one light in the room, and it made a spot on the ground, so I walked there. The whole way there, I knew I had to explain to them what my world was like. I knew they didn’t want to hear it, but the truth hurts.

I reached the spot and just stood there. Am I supposed to wait here? Is there more I can’t see? Why is it dead silent? Where is…


I was freaked out. The voice was coming from nowhere. But I did what it said, and bowed on one knee. I kept my head down until someone said something. I would rather be yelled at for bowing too long than looking too early.


I looked up to see I was surrounded by people. It was just one big ring of seats and people in them. I guess there was about 10 to 15 people here. But some seats were empty.

“Briguy, why are you here? I said only come here if its an emergency. And why didn’t you bow?”

The voice sounded like a man. I looked to see it came from a man. He was on the biggest chair, and had some kind of robes on. There were words scrawled on the robes, and they seemed to glow with energy. He wasn’t wearing anything on his head. His hair was dark and somewhat long.

“Sir, this is an emergen-”

“SIR?! Why do you call me sir?! You know to call me Greater Telamon.”

Great. I was talking to Telamon. This wasn’t going to be fun. But I was busy thinking where his curly hair went. I smiled at this thought.

“AND NOW YOU SMILE?! You are on the edge, Briguy..”

“Wait, Greater Telamon. I’m sorry. I’m not myself today.” I was still smiling at the end of this sentence, but I quickly wiped it off my face.

“Not yourself?” Telamon asked. He seemed intrigued. I guess people aren’t that moody here. Except for me.

“Greater Telamon, I’m not the same Briguy you knew before.” I felt the others move in their seats at this sentence. I don’t think they like enemies. “I’m not Briguy, but at the same time, I am. This is because…I’m Briguy’s user.” I didn’t want to see anyone’s face, so I spoke to the ground.

“I don’t know how I got here, but I did. I came from the outside world, where this place is merely a game. But now I’m here, and I have no knowledge of this world, so I came here to tell you.”

I looked up at Telamon’s face. Pure fear. He was shaking in his seat. I looked around. Everyone was either doing the same, or whispering to someone next to them. But it was still a fear-ish whisper.

“I guess I’m the first user you’ve seen?”

“No.” Telamon said with all seriousness.

“WHAT?!” I was in shock. Someone else from the real world has been here before. Wait, I hope he still IS here. That would help a lot. “Who is it?!”

“We haven’t seen him in ages. He came here saying it was his goal to reach this place. He wanted to be revered as a god, but there are no gods here. Just us. But we never let him. He became enraged and stormed off. That’s it.”

“Who?!” I asked. I yelled, but I think Telamon would allow me to yell at him this one time, considering the circumstances.

“He went by the name of… Vibhu.”

Vibhu. In the real world, he was a nice guy. He only worked on the site for a little, then left to go do other work. I don’t know what became of his Roblox user. But if he hasn’t signed on since then, he’s just running free.

“There’s more.” said Telamon. “It’s a long story.”

This was that story.

Vibhu came to the admins to announce he was a user. He had knowledge of the inner workings of this world, so they knew to trust him. They let him be a Greater. But he craved more power. He wanted to be a god.

But the Greaters were the closest to that. He wanted more. The other Greaters decided he was unfit to be one of them, so they ousted him.

He didn’t go out without a fight. With his knowledge of Roblox, he was able to get an attack in at the Palace, the place where the Greaters live. The place was defenseless, but luckily there was one person around to guard them – me.

I fought him off, or that’s what Telamon told me. I was able to get him out, but no one knows where he went. After that day, the Palace is always on the move, and only people with a hammer can reach it.


“I FOUGHT HIM OFF ALONE?!” I said in total shock.

“Yes. I saw you” someone said from the side. I turned to look, and it was a woman. I only knew of two women who worked at Roblox. I was trying to figure it out, but she just laughed.

“Oh, I forgot you don’t remember. I’m Reese.”

Ah, Reese. Well. then I can assume who the other girl I might meet be.

“Anyways..” Telamon said, to get me back on track.. “To this day, no shadows have found their way into the Palace.”

Uh-oh. One has. And that was today. I didn’t have a chance to get a word in about that when the doors behind us were slammed open. There was one lone shadow standing there. He just took a deep breath, and exhaled.

“Ahh. It’s good to be back.”

Back? But Telamon just said….they ousted him….

Great. Vibhu found a way back.

(End Chapter 11)

Continue on to Chapter 12, or return to the main page.


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