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Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Bare Fists

(Editors Note: Vibhu, in real life, is not a bad guy. He’s really nice. However, any good story needs a villain, and in my story, I needed a villain who was at one time an admin. Vibhu fit the bill.)

Everyone in the room was in shock. Vibhu was the reason they made the place so secure, yet Vibhu was the first to get in. He just continued to walk towards me in the center.

“It’s a bit ironic, me being here, isn’t it. I came here trying to prove to you all that…”

I ignored his little rant. I waited for him to walk past me and get out of his sight before I hit my hammer button. I was ready to grab it when… nothing happened. I saw no little beads of energy. Vibhu saw my distress. He just laughed.

“I guess they never told you that those hammers don’t work here. Or, perhaps, did you just… forget?” He just smiled at the last word. He knows! He knows I came here from the real world. Was it his plan? I knew thinking this through would take too long. It was time to talk smack.

“I beat you once before, didn’t I?” I was acting smug. I knew people had fuses. I didn’t know how short Vibhu’s was. But I got my answer quickly.

He charged. My mind went into a race. Was I ready to take him on? Maybe I could tap my mind and try to find the way that I defeated him the first time? What do I do until then?

He jumped at the last second to try to tackle me. I didn’t have time to do much, so I spun to the side and pushed his head into the ground as he passed me. I turned and got ready to take the onslaught. Behind me, someone got out of their seat and ran. I heard the footsteps go far into the distance.

Vibhu jumped at me. He grabbed me by the shirt and threw me into the ground. He got on top of me, but I had both of my hands between us. I used all my might to push him off and into the air. He flew a good 15 feet backwards and hit the ground hard. Oh yeah, I forgot I was stronger here.

He started to move, and then just laughed. Even as the dust settled, he broke into a seriously creepy laugh. I wasn’t amused. I didn’t want to ask, either.

“Haaa. You really don’t fight the same, do you? Oh well, you aren’t my goal. My goal is Telamon. Right, Tellaaa….?” I looked to his seat. He wasn’t there. Instead, it was Gordon.

He just stood there and smiled. I looked around. All the forum mods were here. They must have snuck in during the fight.

Gordon jumped off the seat and landed in my level. He only said one thing.

“Right, Vibhu. You are totally right.”

The others joined us. Vibhu was in a serious panic. He couldn’t take losing like this. He just screamed and started to shake. But then, so did everything else. The Palace felt as if it was going to fall apart.

“Do something!” someone yelled behind me. I looked to see who said it, but everyone was looking at me. I didn’t know what to do, but I had to stop Vibhu somehow, so I just took a charge.

He was so focused on making the ground shake, he didn’t notice me at all, until it was too late.

I ran and hit him with my knee to knock him into the air. I jumped up to hit him back down. I spun and hit him with my knee, and he hit the ground so hard, he was going to bounce back up. I saw this, and spun one more time and landed a punch so hard, he went straight out of the roof and into the sky. I fell and hit the ground, but for some reason, I couldn’t land on my feet.

Everyone came over to me to see if I was okay.

“What was that!?”
“He moved so quickly!”
“I’ve never seen speed like that”
“Yep, this defiantly isn’t our Briguy.”

I got up and brushed myself off. We didn’t have much time to celebrate.

“Mods! Mods!”

We turned to see someone running into the room in a panic. He stopped in front of us and was panting. I didn’t approach him. Soon, Seal did.

“What is going on?” Seal asked.
“The…the… discussion…. the discussion… its …”
“WHAT IS GOING ON?” Seal asked again in a more panicked tone.
“Its…its under attack…. worst attack ever. The Greaters called out the Super Mods because you… you were all here…”

Everyone looked at each other. Attack? Again? Worst one ever? We weren’t helping here. Everyone quickly charged out the door. I was the last one out. I turned to get one last glance at the man…

“Lets go!” Seal grabbed my by the shirt and pulled me away. We ran into another big room, and this one had even bigger doors at the end. When they opened it, I was partly blinded by the light. When I got outside, it looked like the forums. It had a bubble of energy surrounding it, and there was a platform outside the bubble. Everyone was heading for that platform, so I ran after them.

“Everyone ready to go?”

“Yep.” I said. No one else said anything, they just nodded. I sounded wayyy to happy to be going into battle.


*Chat Started*

Telamon: Wow, there is a REALLY serious spam attack going on now.
Builderman: That’s why we have forum mods to take care of it.
Telamon: Yeah, but the more we ban, the more spam comes.
Builderman: So? They have to let up at some point.
Telamon: There’s one other thing…
Builderman: What?
Telamon: I think one of the Forum Mods are…hacking.
Builderman: Which one?
Telamon: Briguy. He has records of banning users on his account. He has been in game for more than a few months. His place got changed, yet there is no record of him uploading a map.
Builderman: So, then, what do we do?
Telamon: I don’t know…but if we can’t trust one of our forum mods…can we trust any of them? They are just kids, you know….
Builderman: Just think about it.

*Chat Ended*

(End Chapter 12)

Continue on to Chapter 13, or return to the main page.


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