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Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Destruction

We didn’t have much time to take it all in.

When we landed, the orb of energy just disappeared, and we saw it all. Those shadows flying everywhere, hitting the Barrier and hurting it one shot at a time. There were thousands of giant shadow blobs that I wish I had a better word for when…

“LOOKOUT FOR THE BLOB!” I yelled. Everyone looked up to see a blob the size of the platform we were on. It was going to fall right on top of us. I reacted quickly by running down the bridge towards the Barrier. We would be safe in there for now.

Everyone followed. I turned back to see Seal barely get away from the platform in time. The blob slammed the platform with such force, it broke it away. The bridge shook and almost sent a few of us to the floor, but it held and we were able to get inside.

We reached the entrance to see someone handing out orders. He had a hammer too, and was holding it like someone was going to sneak up on him. I tried to figure out who he was. Regular shoes, regular pants, regular shirt…and a purple bucket hat.

I didn’t know what to think when I saw Mr. Doombringer. I mean, he is the kind of guy who got the job done and worked hard, but still liked to have fun. But I just met Telamon and he was nothing like the one I knew from the real world.

He saw us and quickly ran up.

“Where the heck have you guys been?!”

“It’s a long story that I will explain later” I said. It was my fault they all left, so it should be me who takes any credit, or any punishment.

“Well, while you were gone, those darn Banned decided it would be a good time to attack all-out. I don’t know how much more beating the Barrier can handle…”

“What can we do? They have giant floating balls of danger..”

“They’re called Fyatrs.” Doom said, cutting in.

“You just made that up!” someone said behind me.

‘Who cares!” I said. “Right now, we can’t fly, and those…”Fyatrs”…can. We need some way of fighting back, or we wait for the Barrier to go down and we wait for them to come to us.”

“Good idea.” Doom said.

“What?! The Barrier going away is the worse case scenario!” I yelled. I began to think of what Doom was like here. Crazy, perhaps?

“No, not waiting. We can take it down right now. We can draw them onto the land, and we bring it back up and attack them while they have nowhere to run” Doom seemed confident in the idea. He looked at everyone, and so did I. No one was crazy about letting them attack, but it was the only way we could fight back.

“Alright,” I said, “but where are the other Super Mods?”

“They were trying to evacuate the area. It was a ‘just in case’ decision, but I’m glad we made it. I’ll go and take the Barrier down. I know where it gets it’s power. Everyone spread out and cover as much land as possible. And prepare from some serious hail.”

I stood there and thought about the whole “hail” thing and wondered if weather existed here, but everyone ran away in some random direction. I decided to stand my ground because no one seemed to be covering that.

I looked up. I was in the courtyard, so I could see the sphere and all those little balls of the Banned hitting the Barrier from above. It was a total warzone, with hundreds of them hitting every second. I knew we were in for a war. And I have only been here for what seems like a few hours.

There was a giant flash. The whole sky turned white. I heard the Fyatrs stop firing for a second. It almost seemed as if they have no clue what just happened and they needed a second to take it all in. It was a totally calm and serene moment. The first time I have seen the real “Calm before the storm”

Just as the silence came, it went. It was a massive rain of Shadows flying straight towards us. What seemed like a million little balls came crashing through the white and turned the sky purple. I pressed my little button, and my hammer came right to my hand.

SPLATSPLATSPLAT The purple, deadly rain hit the ground like…well, rain. I ran for cover under a small awning near our little throne-platform. The ooze stopped quickly, and it was calm again.

The ooze moved and began to take shape. Thousands of Shadows came from the whole mess. I saw some form on the roofs where it couldn’t reach the ground. All of them forming, facing me. I must have been the closest one to all of them. Where was everyone else?

In a matter of a few seconds, they had all fully formed. It was a tense standoff, and it almost seemed to drag on for an eternity. But soon, one brave little shadow broke off and attacked. I made quick work of him with a little swing. But he inspired everyone else, because the whole lot went right after.

I got in the zone. I jumped up and spun the hammer with a flip, straight into the ground. A wave of energy went out from where I hit. I could see the ground move with it too. Everyone was thrown far away, into the walls. But they didn’t take long to recover. Right, I forgot the little floor-slammy move doesn’t get rid of them. Just make them madder.

One by one I picked them off. This was a long fight that I really don’t want to get into. But in the end, I was getting tired, but I had gotten rid of the whole lot.

A giant flash tore through the sky again, and I saw the sphere beginning to take shape. Yes, we are going to win this round!

Or not.

The Fyatrs must have panicked. Instead of shooting little blobs, they simply went kamikaze. One of these things took out the little platform. A ton of these things… would take out the entire place.

I knew that we had to run. Far, far away. I ran outside to see Aeacus fighting off the last of the shadows in his area.

“Aeacus! We need to get everyone out of here!”

“Why?” he said. He seemed kinda happy that he took out all of those shadows. I grabbed him by the shirt and pointed up. “So?” I pointed out at the platform where we once stood, and was now a giant mess of rock and bridge parts.


We both ran in different directions to round up the whole lot. I ran into a bunch of people, some who I haven’t met yet. But I gave them the same explanation and they all came with me.

Soon we had a good crowd in the middle. Everyone was ready to use their watches and get away.

“Wait,” Doom said, “I think we are missing someone…”

Everyone looked around. I didn’t know everyone yet, so I hoped someone would see that…

“Where is Jacob?” I assumed he meant JacobXXDuel. Everyone looked around. No one seemed to know. “We need to find him before the…”

The whole ground shook. We looked to see the Fyatrs were right on top of us. Giant parts of the ground were being taken out by these kamikaze blobs. Everyone scattered in different directions as some hit nearby.

“Everyone get out of here!” I yelled. “I’ll go look for Jacob!” I saw a bunch of blobs of energy fly away. I turned away from the rubble and ran out towards the bridge.

“JACOB!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. I looked around to see if maybe he got hurt and was out. I was, well, half right.

I saw someone lying at the edge of the bridge. I began to ran when one Fyatr landed right behind me and threw me off balance. I landed face-first on the rock bridge. Behind me, the Fyatr took out the connection between the ground and the bridge. I had to run. I looked to see that the body was still there. I was. And so was another Fyatr gunning straight for him.

I took off in a mad dash. I had to beat the Fyatr before it hit him. I ran with only one thing going through my head: save him.

I was only a few feet away from him, but so was the Fyatr. I made a dive and pushed him off the bridge away from the Fyatr. Now we were a flying target. The Fyatr that decided to try to kill him made one last-ditch effort to shoot at us. I panicked. I pressed a bunch of random buttons on his watch until he turned into a blob and flew away. I turned to mine to do the same. In the heat of the moment, I pressed a bunch of buttons and had no clue where I was going to go. But I managed to get away before the shots flew where we used to be.

(End (a long) Chapter 13)

Continue on to Chapter 14, or return to the main page.


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