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Chapter 14

Chapter 14: “Oh man, we screwed up.”

The next thing I knew, I flew into the ground face-first. It was a hard landing, and I even left a small crater. I looked around. I was back at my happy home, but it was night now. There was some lights coming out of the house, so I could see around.

What had just happened? The whole place just … died. I needed to get back in contact with the rest of the mods. I kept on pressing buttons on my watch, but everyone was missing. It was like I was off the network, or something. I began to get worried. I even started to panic. Is everyone okay? Where did JacobxxDuel go?

I wondered if I could go back to the Forums. I tried on my watch, but again, nothing happened. I got flustered and just grabbed my watch and threw it off.

When it hit the ground, my hammer appeared. I walked over to see why it did, when something popped up. It was some kind of video. I got closer to see what it was all about.

It was what was left of the fourms. It was a mess. The Barrier was gone. Everything was drifting off in its own direction. But I didn’t pay much attention to that. In the center of the mess was a small sphere. It glowed so much, it left a pretty hard shadow on everything, even though it was daytime. It just hovered there, floating, and doing nothing.

Then everything happened.

The sphere began to flicker. The flicker started low and slow, but it got faster and faster and the sphere got darker and darker until …

The sphere went out, and created a black hole. Everything within range was sucked into where it once was. It was utter destruction. I couldn’t watch.

But I noticed something nearby glowing. My hammer was exhibiting the same properties as the sphere. I was afraid it was going to create another black hole. But the hammer just disappeared into nothingness. Where did it go?

I grabbed my watch and tried to get it back. The button wasn’t working. The watch was completely dead. The video was gone. Now, I was really off the network.


Something flew right past my head and crash-landed only a few feet from me. It was so close it clipped my hair. I went to go see what it was. It left a small crater, so it probably wasn’t another Shadow. When I looked into the crater, it was a rock with something tied onto it. I smiled a little at the high style this low-tech message took to get to me.

I grabbed the message.



I’m so sorry for what happened. I know you saw it too. I also know you don’t fully realize what it means.

That sphere had our power in it. Right now, we are normal users. Just normal ones. We don’t have any more hammers, no more cool special moves, just us.

Oh man, we screwed up. I wanted to say letting the Barrier go down was a bad idea, but either way, the area was toast. We had to go out with style, I guess.

Right now, I suggest you hide somewhere. I know you have a good spot. *winkwink* We are probably easy targets now that we don’t have any more powers.

Stay safe. The system is “in shock” from that massive loss, so no one can travel right now. We might be able to get around in a few days.



The message hit me hard. I was already walking towards my secret base. No powers?! At this time? I have a bad feeling it was my fault, even if it really wasn’t.

I went down to the second floor of my underground base and lied down in one of the living quarters. I was trying to sit there, contemplating what happened. Then I noticed there was a computer in the room.

I thought writing down what happened would help me understand it more.

(End Chapter 14)

Continue on to the Epilogue, or return to the main page.


One Response

  1. Why do I have to be the bringer of bad news? 😛

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