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Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The other world.

I woke up to a cloudy sky. I was a bit confused at first. I just stared at the sky trying to remember what just happened. I remember the computer, and rain, and then I realized: Wasn’t it stormy and dark just a few minutes ago? I sat up, and began to take everything in. A home was on my right, with a few trees. Signs were everywhere. Red, blue, and yellow columns were just past the tree. I knew this all seemed familiar.

And then it hit me.

I quickly spun around. No, I couldn’t have just seen that. But everything was exactly as I saw it. It was my happy home. I am at one of my Roblox maps. I began to wonder if I was in the game. I looked at myself. I hadn’t changed. Everything else has, but not me. I look like me to me. I guess Roblox never really worked out First person.

I quickly noticed that I was tired. But wait, if this was my Happy Home, there has to be a bed inside. I went inside, and saw all my furniture. I saw my arcade machine. I started to walk towards the bed when I remembered. My arcade machine doubled as a secret door to my “base”. Oh man, the strange things you could build in Roblox. I put in my code, and walked in. Yep, nothing has changed. I pressed the elevator button, went to the living quarters, and found a bed.

I was kinda hoping that sleep would fix everything. I would soon learn I was dead wrong.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Briguy’s brother, Mark, came into the room looking for him. All he found was a smoldering hole on the floor, on the screen…and on the internet connection in the wall.

(These are the chapters that may help to explain whats going on.)

Continue on to Chapter 3, or return to the main page.


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