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Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Discoveries

I woke up. I was scared. Why am I in a grey room with nothing but a bed and a computer? I just layed there for a while before I remembered what had happened.

I needed to figure out what had truely happened and get notice of my surroundings. I knew my own map very well, so I had a great start. I headed down to the 3rd floor to see everything. Yup, exactly the way I had built it.

I headed to the right and found my conference room. Yup, nothing special. I went out and into my lab. Still the same. But then I noticed something. The “noob” models I kept in the tube. They weren’t regular robloxians. They were…human. Do I see all other people as human? I hope so. Starting at blocks all day would get annoying.

I walked out and headed into my camera room. It was there when I noticed things change in this world. When I had built this map, I just took screenshots and put them up as decals on the walls. Now, the decals had turned into live feeds. In each map I could see players. They were all human. They were battling, shooting, and doing what each game was meant for. I also saw my house. Nothing special there. No one was outside.

And then there was. I saw someone walking towards the house. I couldn’t reconize them. Should I go up and say “Hi”? Or should I watch them? Didn’t I have a tool here to watch them? How do I get to my tools?

I figured since I had no clue how to access my tools, to just go up and greet them.


Back at Roblox HQ…

Vibhu: Connection in and out of the Midwest is still off.
Telamon: Why?
Vibhu: I tried to turn it back on, but got flooded with 4x more traffic than we had when we turned it off.
Telamon: Do we have any reason why its so high?
Vibhu: Hacking attack, glitch, who knows. All I can tell you is that our servers in the midwest are the only things running the midwest.
Telamon: Just monitor it and turn it back on when its okay.
*The chat has ended*


I exited the elevator and walked up towards the hatch. I was about to press the button to open it when I noticed it was already opening. I walked back and let the person drop in.

“Hi Briguy!” said the strange man. I noticed that he was wearing a simple robe. Very skimpy.

“I’m sorry, who are you?” I said.

“Haha. Funny. You know who I am.” He pushed past me and got on the elevator. “You coming?”

“Yeah” I said, and we got on the elevator. We went all the way down. When we reached the 3rd floor, he got out and sat on the couch.

“Sit.” he said. I followed. “So how have you be…”

“Hold up. I need answers.” I said. He seemed a little mad I had cut him off, but he listened. “I don’t know whats going on. I was sitting at my computer and bam, I just ended up here in the game. I have no clue where I am, or who you are!”

The man seemed really scared. “Wait. Are you saying that you are Briguy’s Controller?”

“Whats a controller?” I said, still a little mad.

He got up and said “Lets go to your cafe. It might be better if I explained there.”

We began to walk up to the elevator. Right before he got on, he said “By the way, my name is Acoreus”

(End Chapter 3)

Continue on to Chapter 4, or return to the main page.


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