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Chapter 4

My Story: Explanation.

We walked into the cafe. My cafe bot looked like an actual bot now. Acoreus walked up to it and asked for 2 coffees. The bot pulled out two from the machine, and handed it to him. He gestured to a table and we sat down.

“So you are saying that you have no clue where you are?” he said.

“Right. I was just sitting around, then flash, then here.”

“Alright, Briguy, this is going to be a long explanation.”

He told me much.

In this world, the avatars are free to do what they wish. Then can travel from map to map and play to their hears desire. That is, until their user comes on. Once the user logs in, they lose all control. They don’t mind, but it does get annoying because they lose a lot of abilites. They never talk, they have limited mobility ect ect.

“But that doesn’t explain how I got here.” I said.

“I know. But right now, you, the user, and the avatar, are one. You can’t be controlled, unless someone else logs in for you.”

“Okay. So if I am in this world, how about showing me how it works?”

“My pleasure” he said.


Back at Roblox HQ…

Reese: Fourms have been hectic lately.
Doom; I know. Where is Briguy? He is usually online at this time.
Reese: I’ll go check if he is online.
Reese: Well that’s strange
Doom: What?
Reese: It says that he has been in game for the past 3 weeks. In the same server.
Doom: But thats how long our midwest servers have been off. And thats where Briguy is. Its probably a tech glitch.
Reese: I hope so.
*The chat has ended*

(End Chapter 4)

Continue on to Chapter 5, or return to the main page.


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