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Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The Demonstration

I was following Acoreus as we made it to the top floor. He pressed the button on the wall and the door at the top of the stairs moved away. We walked outside. But before I did, I turned to watch my secret door slide back into place. When it did, I couldn’t tell that there was a door there. My handiwork at work, I guess.

We walked outside and walked to a clear area. This began to worry me. Do we fly? Do I have to go outside somewhere open where I won’t hit anything?

“Look at your wrist” said Acoreus. I did what I was told, and I saw a watch. I wasn’t wearing a watch when I left. That was odd. I shook my arm a little and couldn’t feel it at all. “That is what we effectively call a watch.” I was thrilled to hear this. “But really, it is what controls almost everything. If you wish to go somewhere else, you use this. If you don’t like what you are wearing, use this. If someone is causing trouble….”

He stopped mid-sentence. I knew what he was thinking. But that’s not important right now. “Okay, well… Lets just get you acquainted with the watch. The watch will only appear when you need it to-that’s why you didn’t notice it until now when you needed it to appear. 4 buttons.” I looked down at the watch to see the 4 buttons around the edge. Each one had an icon next to it: a house, a shirt, a :O face and the last button didn’t have an icon.

“All of this is simple to use. The house lets you find places to go. The shirt lets you change what you are wearing. The :O face…well, we will talk about that later, and the last one is just random stuff you might need”

“Can I try it?” I asked. He nodded. I pressed the shirt button, because this wouldn’t put me anyplace strange. I was shocked to see a menu just..pop out of the watch. It was a hologram that I could interact with. I looked through all of my items-Since I already have them all on the site, I knew what was there. I changed into my favorite red shirt and pants. I omitted the hat for now.

“Good. But I don’t want you to press any more buttons until I explain something.”

“Explain what?”

“Why your :O button is different than mine”


Meanwhile at Roblox HQ

Vibhu: I knew I shouldn’t have knocked out the servers
Telamon: Why?
Vibhu: People that were in game at the time are stuck in game. I know Briguy has been in a game for a month. Plus, I can’t get them back on. Whoever is causing all of the traffic hasn’t stopped since.
Telamon: Well all the people there are playing locally. Don’t worry, we can fix it.
Vibhu: I hope so. Did you upgrade the banhammer yet?
Telamon: It’s going out soon.

(End chapter 5)

Continue on to Chapter 6, or return to the main page.


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