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Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Familiarization

I didn’t see anything when moving from my house to the Forum. Next thing I knew, I was there.

The Forum was amazing. It was a floating castle, with a small island where we landed. We could see each little detail in the area, because it was rotating around really quickly. I could see many diffrent rooms and sections, with a big courtyard in the middle. I saw hundreds, if not thousands, of people talking and walking around. Of course, all of this, except our island, was surrounded by a big bubble. It had waves going around it, and it was mostly transparent.

I saw Acoreus waiting by a small bridge. I walked over. As soon as I stepped on it, the island went over to the front of the castle. It stopped by another bridge, that jutted out of the bubble for a place for us to stop. We walked on to the new bridge, and our island went flying away, rotating around the castle.

We walked towards the Barrier, and there was a man waiting. I almost wanted to call him a butler, but he looked normal, and he wasn’t snotty or anything.

“He’s going to give you something. Just take it. It’s to signify who you are” Acoreus said to me. We walked towards the man. When we got near, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a necklace. On the end was a small hammer. I just smiled and grabbed it. When I put it on, it glowed a slight yellow. He smiled back, as to see that it was a confirmation of who I was.

We entered the Barrier with no problems. We walked toward the entrance of the castle, when he stopped me.

“Just know something now. If anyone learns that you don’t know who you are, or that you are a Controller, things will get out of hand. Just act normal, don’t talk to anyone, and stay alert. I need to go round up some people that can help you. But first, you need to take your spot.”

We walked in. There were hundreds of people in this first room. All I could hear them talk about was Robloxia, their home, ECT. I knew right where I was, and it had a clear view to the courtyard. I followed Acoreus to the courtyard. On the way there, I noticed things got quieter, and that people were giving me scared looks. Most people just kept on talking. Some seemed to talk with hushes. Few even ran away. I smiled when I saw someone take a spill after noticing me.

We made it out there, and I noticed something I didn’t see before. Almost a line of thrones, it was the centerpiece of the courtyard. Not a lot of people were in the courtyard, as they all seemed to run away. When I got closer, I noticed that the thrones were actually floating, and rotating very slowly. Acoreus made a motion towards a chair. I walked towards the thrones when it stopped, and some stairs jutted out. I climed, and walked towards the nearest chair. I saw that on the head, it said “Briguy’.

I found my spot.

I sat down, and the throne line began to rotate again. People gave me scared looks, but most just kept on with their business. I began to wonder something while I was sitting there: Where are the other mods?

I wasn’t far off. Soon another person, with the same necklace, began to approach me. He smiled at me, and walked up. He took the seat next to me. I looked up to see the name: Gordon

“So, how are you? Why are you up here? You usually mingle with everyone” Gordon said.

I had to say something to keep my cover. “I’m in no mood to mingle.”

“Strange, you are usually always in the mood.” He was about to continue to talk to me when…


We both looked over to see a little fight breaking out between some people. Most were wise to back up and give those arguing some fighting room.


I looked at Gordon, and he was focused on this fight. Soon he sighed, and got up. But before he went to go step down, he looked at me and said “Do you want to take care of this? It might put you in a better mood.”

I smiled at the joke, then shook my head. He walked down and towards the fight. People instantly got out of his way and made a line straight to the fight. I saw him press his watch, and soon his hammer appeared. I listened and watched with great focus.

“Alright, what is going on?”
“Calm down. Both of you. I don’t care who started it.”
“No. You have nothing to do with this. I have never had problems with you…this man however…”
“I didn’t start anything.”
“I was watching. I know that you were trying to get him mad.”

Gordon didn’t give him much of a chance. He lifted his hammer, and got it into a bat position. He spun around first and hit the man with extreme force. The man disappeared into the wall.

Just as this happened, Acoreus appeared with a group of people. He motioned me over and smiled. “I think everyone here deserves and explanation. Lets go to the side room” We began to walk, but I saw Acoreus motion Gordon to follow.

This wasn’t going to be fun.

(End chapter 7)

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