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Chapter 8

Chapter 8: “We’re in deep”

Acoreus spent the next hour trying to explain to everyone what had happened. Someone tried to leave and start babbling it to everyone, but Gordon stopped him before he went crazy.

I noticed that he completely skipped the part about that….thing that landed in my house. He probably doesn’t have an explanation for it either, so he must be waiting to chat to Gordon about it alone.

When he was done, everyone was quiet, and everyone but Gordon had a scared look. Gordon, however, remained calm. After a brief silence, Gordon was the first to step up.

“I want everyone to remain quiet about this, or else. Something like this could cause panic, and since we’re a man down right now, that would mean the mess would be MUCH harder to clean up.” He made eye contact with everyone, who then nodded back to him. Everyone in the room left except Gordon, Acoreus, and me.

“Sorry Acoreus, but we have to talk about this matter alone.” He seemed very disappointed, but just left without saying a word. He left the room, and it was just the two of us.

“Did he leave anything out of his story?” he said, with a hint of fear in his voice.

“Something attacked us at my home, but I hit it with my hammer and it went away.”

He turned away from me, sighed a little, then walked over to the window. He was looking out, deep in thought. He sighed again, and looked straight at me, dead serious.

“I need to fill you in. That way you know that we’re in deep. Wait here.”

He left the room. I looked out the window he was at. To my amazement, we were above massive fields. Each one was different, some were floating above each other, and some were attached. It was easy to conclude each field was a place. In between each one was blobs transferring from our location to each place. I looked out knowing exactly what I was looking at: Robloxia.

Gordon came back, and closed the door. In his hands was something along the lines of a cube, but flattened at some corners and streached at others, like someone sat on it. He placed it in the middle of the room, and it began to glow.

“Every mod is told this story when they begin. Since you don’t remember any of it, you need to be told again.”

Soon the room around us began to melt, and soon so did Gordon. I began to panic, but calmed myself because I trusted Gordon.

The story was crazy.

Robloxia was once a peaceful land, perfectly round, perfectly stable, and perfectly alone. It was like this for a long time.

Then it happened, what has been dubbed as the “Connection.” A giant stream of data hit the world in an instant. This stream was so powerful, it shattered the great world. However, the data kept the pieces from floating off into the abyss.

At the exact moment, another world was created. It was dark. Evil. And at the moment, no one was there.

Back in Robloxia, people began to be controlled. They disappeared for moments, without any recollection of where they went.

Soon, one person became controlled, but didn’t forget. Thats when he told everyone of the world that he visited. It was strange.

Many years in Robloxia passed. People began to get used to leaving. After all, it was never permanent. Soon, users began to get out of hand. Thats when we showed up. We had these hammers, but we had no clue why. They just got rid of the problem. It was abused for a while, then it slowed down, only for extreme circumstances.

Those who were hit came back with storys of the alternate world. It was strange, and they dubbed it as “ban” (a play on words of bad)

Then one day, someone never came back. Rumors said that the owner of the hammer was hoping that he would never come back. So he never did.

Months after that day, something happened. Things from the other world managed to get back to Robloxia when they shouldn’t be. They were black in appearance. They were dubbed “shadows.”

So the circle goes on. The shadows never become too much of a problem, but they are on the rise…

I came back into the room, and was thrown back into a chair. Gordon came over, and looked at me like I was supposed to say something.

“Wow. That’s bad. But, uh, whats so bad?” I said, still in some shock.

“The shadows. They’ve been on the rise since a few months ago, almost to the point that they’re taking over.” he said.


Someone ran into the room. He was in a panic, and he was panting. The first thing I noticed was the necklace with the hammer jewel on the end. I don’t know who he was, I just knew he was a mod, which was enough proof for me to realize it must be bad when he had to kick the door down.

“Gordon….Briguy…. They’ve finally gotten one.”

He looked at me, then the cube thing in the middle of the room.

“Why is that out? You know we only take that out for new mods…”

Gordon ran over to him, and whispered in his ear. He seemed more shocked now, but took a deep breath to remember why he was here to begin with.

“Bad timing on his part, but we have to go to the edgelands. The shadows have finally gotten some foothold. We have to go. NOW!”

The man ran out, and Gordon nodded at me to follow. We all ran through the crowd out towards the bridge. But the man stopped, and so did I. He was looking up. I looked up to see tons of black blobs heading towards us. The man looked straight at me.

“Bad time for you to forget, but we need to hold this off.”

He pressed his button and his hammer appeared. He began to ran, turned to me, and said

“And since you forgot, my name is Seal.”

Continue on to Chapter 9, or return to the main page.


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