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Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Battle Ready, Shmattle Ready.

Seal went running off towards the edge of the bridge. What was he doing? There’s nothing past the edge. He just kept on running. I knew I couldn’t leave him alone. Not with me not knowing what the heck was going on and all. I started to run after Seal when…



3 dark meteors hit the bridge with a lot of force, I almost fell down. They landed right between me and Seal. He turned to see thousands of shadows between me and him. He had a scared look on his face. Then he looked at me and saw I was less ready than him.

The shadows stood there, gaining shape and figure. All became the same thing: a blank, lifeless person. Almost like an army of mannequins, except, well, they could kill.

“The hammer!” Seal shouted from across the bridge. I looked at my watch and hit the button. Just like last time, orbs of energy were sucked from everything around me, and formed to make my hammer. This time it seemed lighter. At the time, I thought it was just me.

Before I had time to get ready, a group of about 10 charged. I knew that I had to defend myself. The only thing I didn’t know is how powerful this thing was.

I got my answer.

One broke free of the group and came sprinting in. Just standing there wasn’t helping, so I took off in a run towards him. He was about to tackle me when I ducked down and began to spin. Using my foot as a pivot, I dodged him and spun the hammer full force into his back. The moment I hit him, his body turned white and went to smoke. I was impressed.

I looked up to see the other 9 coming. Oh, right. I forgot about those. This time, they attacked as one. I went running in, and swung my hammer as a bat when the first one was in range. I lifted on one foot to get a nice spin going, and took the hammer straight into a few heads.

There were still a few more. My hammer was still swinging, so I used that to get it above my head and did the classic two-handed hammer smash. I didn’t think I would get any more than the one I was aiming for.

Again, I was wrong.

I hit the ground with so much force that it created a wave of energy from the point of impact. The shadows around me were annihilated. The ones farther away just got thrown down, or even off the bridge.

“Holy cow!” was my only stupid remark. I just stood there for a second, and took it in. I looked at my hammer. How did it do that? I looked at my arms. “How did I do that?” I looked at the ground. Why did it do that?

Then I looked up. There were still thousands more, all recovering from the big blast. I was going to be overwhelmed soon. They were all lined up. What is Seal doing? I saw one about to charge. Can I take them all?

The line rushed.

I was about to run when I heard some footsteps behind me. I took a quick glance. That was all I needed.

Seven others with the same hammers and necklaces as me went charging by. Each one giving me a nod of regard, they hit the front lines with much force.

I stood back for a little to take in the carnage. Thousands versus 8. 9 if I was going to get in it. Each person had their own style. Some were brute, some were quick and sly, and some had true class. As I stood there, each person seemed to have something unique. One person threw his hammer at the crowd. I yelled, because I didn’t want the enemy to get the hammer.

Amazingly, it just flew back. A hammer-rang was the first thing to pop in my head. Great. I thought I saw one person teleporting, but that would just be plain unfair.

The whole time, I didn’t see anyone do what I did. I guess I was the only one who could make a shock wave. Awesome. I got my own special power. But I was wasting it standing here. I needed to get in.

Time to make a mess of things.

Meanwhile, in the Real World…

-Chat started-
Seal: Have you noticed something odd?
Gordon: What.
Seal: I don’t know. Spam seems to have…leveled off.
Gordon: Don’t think about it too hard. You might jinx us. :p
Seal: But there’s records of the spam being submitted. It just dies in the network.
Gordon: Okay, first off, how did you get the records? Why did you dig them up?
Seal: Something was bothering me about the spam being quiet.
Gordon: Okay. So theres a good bug in the system. Get over it.
Seal: Theres one more thing…
Gordon: What?
Seal: I checked to see what the other mods were doing, in case they were the reason. I checked Briguy’s records. He hasn’t logged on in a few months.
Gordon: Hiatus?
Seal: No. He hasn’t logged on, but one of his places were updated recently. Yesterday. He has a record of banning others. We can’t ban, Gordon. Something is up, and Briguy is a part of it.
Gordon: If you think something is really up, talk to the devs.
Seal: I don’t know. I’ll do a little more digging…
-Chat ended-

Continue on to Chapter 10, or return to the main page.


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