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So that’s what happened. Hopefully this isn’t the end, and I spend the rest of the time here running from evil. I don’t want to sit back and watch a world end that I’m partially responsible for.

It took almost the whole night to write this. I’m still sitting in my base. I walked around a little and found the camera room. The screens worked, and I could see a few places around Robloxia. They weren’t gone, but they were empty. Everyone must be hiding.

This is the end to My Story so far. Vibhu is still out there, probably getting ready for a final attack. The mods that are left are busy trying to figure out what the final attack will be.

And what about me? No, I’m not ready to hide. I need to go get everyone back together. We may not have hammers, but we still know how to fight. And we aren’t going down without one.


Return to the main page. Part 2 to be added soon!


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