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Chapter 15

Chapter 15: I’d hardly call it welcome.

I was sitting in my surveillance room for days now. After I saw a few places get destroyed by those Fyatrs, I want to see if they attack any more, or at the worst, come here.

I haven’t had any contact since that message I got right after the forums collapsed. I don’t even want to go and try to visit any other place. Everyone else is hiding, why shouldn’t I?

After a long time underground, I had the urge to outside and get some air. I checked the cameras to see if anything was around. Nothing seemed out of place, so I headed back up.

I walked out the front door carefully. I don’t want to run into any baddies. I was glad nothing was out there.

I just stood outside for a long time. I didn’t do anything else. I need the air. I walked around a little.

I walked past all the excess building bricks I left when I built the place. I left them there to give the impression from the outside that this is still a normal starter map. Anything for aesthetics, I guess.

I was walking back when I noticed something that was missing. All the bricks were in perfect rows and I should be able to see between the rows. But when I passed this one row, I didn’t see through. I stopped and walked over to see what was off.

I found that all the bricks around one spot were all pushed out a few inches. I was a bit afraid that it was another baddie. But I was really curious, so I looked in.

It was another note. It must have been hidden in this mass of bricks. I also wasn’t watching this screen in my surveillance room; I was more concerned with the sky.

I picked up the note and read it:


Everything is a mess. We need to talk. Meet me at my Home.


I wondered about how long this note was hidden here. I hope it wasn’t long. I knew I didn’t have much of a choice. Plus, I was getting a little bored.

I tried my watch. It turned on, but I didn’t try anything else. I’d rather not press my luck.

I looked around and found Gordon’s place called simply “Home” It looked like another starter place, like mine. I was off in seconds.

This trip was different. Usually the trip is so instant that you will blink and be in the other place. This time, I was able to see out my little bubble and see where I was going. I was flying really fast over random places and more. I saw everything. Roller coasters, neighborhoods, obbys, and even a few cities.

I had passed a few and flew into a big open spot. I looked directly down where the core of Roblox used to be. I was a bit shocked to see that there was a faint light from the middle. I thought since the planet had shattered that the core had solidified. Nope, there was something down there.

I started to come up on more land. This one seemed different. It looked like a ton of islands close together. But as I got closer, I realized what it really was.

It was the shattered remains of a mountainous area, with a few metal pieces flying around. I wasn’t sure at first, but when I saw a whole tank fly by, I knew what it used to be. Wingman8’s Armored Patrol.

The remains were scattered very far. I figured it would take a few minutes to get across the entire area. I wanted to say it looked like a warzone, but it was like that already.

Suddenly, my little orb shook. I thought something had latched on like before with Vibhu. I looked around, and nothing was on. The orb shook again, this time altering my trajectory. I was heading straight for the ground. I was hoping that whatever was powering this thing would pull me back up, but I lost faith a few feet from the ground.

I braced for impact, and I hit the ground really hard. I was facedown, and hurting real bad. I didn’t move for a minute or two because anything would make it hurt more.

Finally, enough pain went away for me to turn over. I noticed I left a pretty nice crater. I smiled at this, and went to check my limbs. Nope, nothing broke. I checked to see if I was bleeding. Nope, no blood. How did I survive that crash?

I started to climb out of the crater. When I reached the top, I was greeted by a gun barrel. I looked past the gun to see that someone was there pointing it at me.

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t shoot.”

I was panicing a little. I had to say something that would get me out of any situation. Only one thing came to mind.

“I’m Briguy, one of the forum mods.”

The person instantly lowered the gun. I was able to get a better look at the person. I didn’t know what I was expecting it, but this person wasn’t it. It was a girl. She looked like she has been here for ages. Covered in dirt and torn clothing.

She got a good look at me and holstered her gun. She put her hand out to help me out of the crater. I took the offer and climbed out.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“I was on my way to talk to someone when I just crashed here” I said.

She laughed, and started to walk off. She turned back to me and gave me the motion to follow. I didn’t have any choice, so I did.

We made our way in silence. I didn’t know what to ask that didn’t seem like a stupid question. I was supposed to be an all-knowing a mod.

Soon we ended up at a small camp. There was only one tent, so I assumed she was the only one here.

She walked over to a small chest and opened it up. She pulled out a small pistol. I walked closer to get a better look. She saw me getting near and slammed the chest shut and handed me the gun.

“You’ll be needing this” she said.

I was instantly skeptical. I was a forum mod with a banhammer. How does she know that I lost it and that I need a gun? She noticed that I was thinking about it.

“I’m a friend. I KNOW you need it.”

I didn’t want to trust her, but she was handing me a gun. I took the gun, and I noticed that a holster was forming around my belt area.

“Neat, huh? Its a little treat that comes with the gun.”

I put the gun in its holster. I was still wondering what was going on.

“You never said your name, you know.” I said. She gave me a little smile, and walked over to a small campfire and sat near it. I just followed and sat across from her.

“My name is Saparia. I was here looking for a few friends when those flying things attacked. I survived using a tank or two, and was left with this mess. I don’t know about this zone, but there doesn’t seem to be any power to get us off. I’ve been stuck here for about a week alone, until you came along.”

“That doesn’t explain how you knew I needed a gun.” I said.

“Everyone was watching the forums go down and out. Everyone simultaneously saw them on their watches. We even saw the power orb go out too. Everyone knows.”

I was a bit worried now. Everyone, including my enemies, know that I don’t have my amazing powers. I’m just a normal person. Well, I got a gun at least.

“Here, I want to show you something” she said. She got up and started to head for a small mountain that was on our little chunk of land. I naturally followed.

After a few minutes of climbing, we were near the peak. She made it up first and helped me up again. From the top, you could see the giant mess of small and large chunks of land left of the place. Everything was in ruins. I could tell that this she had taken me up here to just see this.

“This was one of the first places to go. I lost contact after this one, but I’m assuming that there are tons more like this. But one thing I know for sure: We haven’t had any help. Right now, everyone is on their own. We know that you guys are powerless, but you can still help. I know there’s a way you can get it back, even if its for a little bit of time. I don’t know how, but there has to be a way. Or else, this little war of ours will be a massacre.”

I was focused on the destruction. I knew that I had to help. I knew that I was brought here for some reason other than letting Vibhu into the Mod’s area. Perhaps it wasn’t Vibhu who brought me here. Perhaps… I was here to do this.

“I’m always willing to fight” I said.

She smiled and started to climb back down. Before she disappeared over the edge, she said “Welcome to the war, then.”

I’d hardly call it welcome.

MEANWHILE, in the real world:

(Chat Started)
Telamon: That was insane. I’ve never seen anything like that.
Builderman: I know. Spam alts, DDoS attacks, and a slow site.
Telamon: We had to shut those forums down. Every time we turn them back on, it causes problems.
(Reese has joined the chat)
Reese: Guys, I got the logs from that attack.
Telamon: And?
Reese: It’s the strangest thing. All the mods were doing his and her workload. But there was one thing. Someone else was in there, doing a ton of banning of spam alts and others that were doing bad things.
Builderman: So what’s the problem?
Reese: This was Briguy. One of the forum mods we fired weeks ago.
Telamon: How is he still doing this?
Reese: I don’t know, but it’s like he is IN the system.
Builderman: Don’t touch his account. Just monitor it.
Telamon: Will do, David.
(Chat as ended)


Continue on to Chapter 16, or return to the main page.


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