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Chapter 16

Chapter 16: *facepalm*

I walked back to the camp where Saparia had already set up another makeshift tent for me to use. I was surprised, since she was only about 5 minutes ahead of me. I walked past the tent and sat by the fire. She finished up and walked over and sat next to me.

We sat there, staring at the fire, in dead silence. The only noise was the occasional pop or snap of firewood breaking in the fire. I was busy thinking of what was next. I knew I had to get out of here. But how? My watch is dead, this area seems powerless, and its in total ruins.

Saparia broke the silence.

“I know you just got here, but you’re already trying to figure it out aren’t you?” she said.

“Figure what out?”

“How to leave, of course. I’ve been here for a while now, and I think I may know. The only problem is…” She got up and started to walk around the fire.

“This place is a literal ‘dead zone’ of power. I figured since the place was destroyed that it had no more power. But after a long time I learned that all of Robloxia has power. The only places where there isn’t any, is where something is taking it all away.”

She continued walk around. I didn’t budge an inch because I was so focused on her and what she was saying.

“About a week ago I went on an expedition. I found that there’s a Fyatr still here. It’s stuck in a massive chunk of land. There didn’t seem to be any activity, but I was afraid of going inside and getting stuck.”

Fyatrs. They are massive floating bases made of pure evil. Like giant floating blobs of doom, they can attack and hurt anything kami-kaze style. Yeah, I learned that the hard way.

“That was the only thing keeping me here. I was gathering up the nerve to go inside when you came crashing along.”

“I want to go see it.” I said.

She looked at me, giving me the look that said “are you crazy?!” but we both knew we needed to see what we were up against. She didn’t say okay, but she implied it when she went to her tent and came out with some supplies.

Meanwhile, in some unknown area…./

“Where is he right now?”

“I don’t know. I caught the spike of energy of him leaving, but after that I lost him.”

“Perhaps he got to close to a deadpool.”

“Perhaps. But if he did, I’m sure he would figure it out and get away.”

“Alright. He has one more day, or we’re going without him.”

Saparia lead me through many floating chunks. She had been there before, so she had a few bridges set up. And by bridges, I mean a single rope from chunk to chunk. It was scary to dangle above nothingness, but I got over it quickly.

After what felt like hours of walking, she stopped when she saw a stick. I didn’t notice it at first, but after I looked ahead to see why she stopped, I saw it was the only stick in the entire area. Everything else was dead, almost looking like charcoal.

She turned back to me and put her finger up to her mouth. It was the universal “shut up, and be quiet” symbol. She turned and climbed up the hill. I wanted to follow, but she turned and gestured for me to wait. I wasn’t thrilled about being left behind, but I had no choice. I watched her get to the top and look just over the edge of the hill. She took a quick look, and ducked back down.

She gave me the motion to follow. I climbed slowly, using both my arms and legs to keep from slipping. When I was close to the top, she said just one thing.

“Well, I was half right. Look.”

I took a peek over the edge.

There was a giant black tower floating on one massive landmass. The tower was massive, almost a few hundred feet wide. It went almost 15 stories high, almost looking like it should be the command center for everything.

Outside, there were little blobs patrolling the perimeter. I figured the little blobs were either actual Shadows or little sentries that reported back if someone got near.

Saparia tugged on my shirt and I moved back behind the hill. She started to whisper, afraid of getting noticed.

“Great, they got guards now. Die by guards or die of living here forever” she said, frustrated and scared at the same time.

“Its a big tower. How were we going to move it, even without guards?”

“These things are living. I was hoping to provoke it and make it do something funny” she said, smiling. I knew what she meant.

“They might be alive, but they aren’t stupid. Lets to back to camp and figure this all out. Maybe it will come to us while we sleep.”

She nodded, and we both made our way down the hill and back to camp for a good rest.

The next day….

“He isn’t here”

“Yeah. I’m sure he’s fine. We have to continue without him. It’s the only way to get some damage done.”

“Where’s the closest one?”

“The Armored Patrol zone.”

“How long will it take for us to get there?”

“A few minutes if we had power. But we’re taking a plane, so about three hours.”

“Good. Lets pack up and get going ASAP.”


I woke up right as the dawn broke. Saparia was nice enough to make me a bed. Well, by “bed” I mean something softer than the ground. I slept good enough.

This night I noticed something: I haven’t been having any dreams. Ever since I left the real world, its been “go to sleep, black, then wake up” and that’s it. It’s so instantaneous that I’m not even sure that this world is real. Hah, wouldn’t that be funny? At the end and I wake up and I figure out it was all a dream. Ooh, if only…

I walked outside the tent and found Saparia already awake. She saw me walked out and smiled at me.

“Good morning. Have a good rest on those grass and charcoal pieces?”

“Best night ever” I said sarcastically. I wasn’t sore, but I woke up still feeling sleepy.

I sat down by the fire. I didn’t give much thought to what we were going to do. Saparia knew it was on my mind, and walked over and sat next to me again.

“So how?” She gave the question such a broad answer, but I didn’t feel like being funny right now.

“I don’t know. It seems like such a big fortress for us to attack alone.” She smiled at my statement. “Ooh, you got a plan don’t you?”

She just continued to smile and said “Did you forget you’re at a warzone, with tanks and guns and bombs?” She walked over to a small crate with a blanket thrown over it. I had never gave it much thought before, but I still walked over to it too. She pulled the cover off.

The crate was full of explosives.

We were both smiling. We had a way of taking the tower down and perhaps leave a nice new crater for everyone.

*facepalm* How did I forget I was in an area ready for war?


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