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Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Oh hai!

We quickly made a makeshift table and started to tabulate a plan. Hundreds of Shadows, and two of us. We both knew that attacking head on was a bad plan. We sat for two or three hours making plans.

“The tower is whats keeping us here, right?” I asked.

“Yes. If the tower goes, we can leave.” She said.

“Then we don’t need an escape plan. Once the tower goes, we can leave in a flash.”

“Alright. So how do we get the tower down?”

I was already thinking of a plan. I wrote it down and showed it to her. She smiled.


At dawn, we got ready. I was the one carrying the explosives. Saparia was the one who had the distraction.

We set off for the tower. We made it to the hill outside the tower right as the sun was breaking over the hills on the other side. It was actually quite nice. The tower ruined the shot.

Saparia stayed behind as I got to my position on the other side of the tower. I made my way around, trying to keep behind rocks and hills so that I couldn’t been seen from the tower. I finally made it to the other side.

I found scrap from what used to be a tank. It made nice cover. I was able to move a few scraps around so I got a nice view of the entire area.

Shadows were still patrolling. There were a lot. I didn’t want to try to count. Or even give a rough estimate. It was just a lot.

I watched the other side of the valley and waited for the signal. I hoped that it was enough to move all the shadows towards her and away from the tower. Or, at least, enough away for me to get in throwing distance. I saw the signal.


Saparia went flying over the hill in a tank. She wasn’t aiming for anything with her cannon, but she shot pretty close to hit a few shadows.

Every shadow around the tower went for her. Perfect.

I jumped out of the pile and made a mad dash for the tower. I had no problems because they were all going for Saparia.

She was shooting the tank’s cannon like crazy. Every few seconds I heard the cannon go and felt a chunk of the ground go away. Every glance I took at the tank I saw chaos of flying dirt, shrapnel, and Shadows.

I was all out in the open now. There was still a long run from here to the tower. It was there that I remembered one major thing about these towers: They are also made up of Shadows.

I looked up to see a few little chunks come flying out of the tower. They flew up first, then turned and took a straight shot at the ground in front of me. Before the dust settled, there were about 20 shadows.

I didn’t stop running. I took out my pistol and hoped I had good aim.


Shadows were dropping like flies as I ran past them and shot them one by one. They were all easy shots since they just stood there and expected me to stop, or at least slow down.

BANG BANG click.

The last one didn’t drop. I had run out of bullets in this clip. I was still running and I had only a few feet to go. I figured I had only one thing left.

I threw the pistol full-force at the Shadow’s head. I hit it so hard, I saw a little chunk of black goo come off of his head. He seemed stunned at first, and fell face first into the ground.

I made it past the group, so I turned and checked on Saparia. She still had a few shadows, but most of them were stunned and knocked about from the tank’s cannon. But none were gone.

I was finally close to the tower. I started to take off my bag. I had one shot. Set the bag down. Lit the fuse. Run.

I was about to find the fuse when I saw more chunks come out of the tower. There wasn’t enough time for me to set it down, so I kept on running. I found the fuse. I lit the explosives in my bag, and threw the entire bag at the base of the tower.

Saparia was watching me. She saw that I had lit the bag and started to turn around. I made a dash for her tank. It would be the safest spot when the bag goes off.

I started to get close, and I had to run around all of the craters her tank made. It wasted a lot of time weaving around it all. I was worried that I wouldn’t make it.

When I got close to the tank without hearing a BOOM, I knew I was safe. She quickly opened the top and I jumped in. She closed the hatch behind me. We got to a window and waited for the tower to go down.

We waited. And waited. And waited. Nothing. Something was wrong. We watched and soon saw a shadow walk around the other side of the tower. He had with him my bag. It hadn’t gone off. We both were disappointed. I punched the nearest thing in anger (metal hulls hurt) and started to get the tank moving again.

But we stopped when we heard something strange. It was a very faint buzzing sound. As we listened, we heard it get louder. I noticed the sound was coming from above, so I ran for the hatch and looked out and up.

A plane was flying for the tower. It was moving fast.

I looked at the tower and saw the shadow holding my bag up in the air, as if to brag that that it didn’t work.

The plane made it work.

The plane shot a missile straight for the shadow.


I was knocked from the hatch as the explosives went off. The tower was quickly knocked from its perch. The ground under it was falling apart. Unfortunatly, we were on that ground too.

“We gotta run! The tank isn’t fast enough!” Saparia said.

We both got out and started to run for the safety of the next landmass. The ground was cracking behind us as we tried to escape. It was quickly catching up to us. We weren’t going to make it.

I looked up to see the plane starting to fly away….

and turning back around.

The plane was dropping altitude. It got really close to the ground, and started to level off.

“That plane is our way out!” I said.

We found new energy when we saw the plane getting close, and ran faster than ever before.

The plane turned off to the side. We continued to run straight forward. The plane soon tuned again, and was going to sideswipe us. We saw a cliff up ahead that was good enough for a jump.

We raced the plane so that we both reached the spot at the same time.

I grabbed Saparia’s hand and we both made a jump.

The plane was in the perfect spot. I made a grab for something on the side. I missed.

I tried to reach one more time, and grabbed something. It felt weird. I looked to see it was someone’s hand.

It was Gordon.

“Oh hai! You’re late!” he said as he pulled us inside.


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2 Responses

  1. Gotta love that catch.

  2. Nice catch Gordon!

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