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Chapter 18

Chapter 18: What’s next?

Gordon pulled us into the plane as we continued to fly away from the collapsing tower. We sat there. watching the tower fall into the ground. The only things we heard was the sound of breaking earth, and the sound of the plane.

When we saw the tower disappear into the ground, we all noticed our watches go back online. I felt the power going back into it, but I just continued to stare where the tower used to stand.  Gordon came over and closed the hatch on the side.

“Are you alright?” he said. His voice sounded like he’s been through a lot. The tone of his voice put everything back into a serious mood.

“Yeah.” I looked over at Saparia. She had somehow bruised her leg on the way up. Seal was taking a quick look at it. She was still there, and she gave me the thumbs up.

Gordon motioned for me to follow. I turned back to see Saparia try to follow, but Seal stopped her and pointed at her leg. With no words, he gave the message.

We got into the other section of the plane where it was private. All there was in this room was a table, and a small device on it.

“I’m glad you decided to join the war, Briguy.” Gordon sounded slightly irritated. Perhaps it was because I had already taken care of the tower before they arrived. Gordon pressed a button on the device, and a hologram appeared. It looked to be all of Robloxia. It showed all the floating landmasses. There were a lot. A blinking red dot also got my attention.

“We are here at this red dot. I hate to break the news, but it takes a long time to travel now that these towers are all over breaking the power streams. I see you figured that out the hard way. We had hoped you got the message before the towers had a hold.”

Gee, sorry I followed my instincts and stayed hidden for a long time.

Gordon could see that I was also a bit mad. He just ignored me and continued on. He pressed the same button again. The red dot disappeared, and about 20 or so black dots appeared.

“These are all the towers we have found, or have heard about. We got a count and found that there are about 15. Well, 14 now.” Gordon smiled at me. I guess we finally had a nice victory.

“We need to take out these towers if we want control back an-”

“Wait.” I said. Something just clicked in my head “Is this everyone? What about the super mods?”

Gordon didn’t answer with words, instead he pressed the same button. A yellow dot appeared near the south pole of the floating islands that made up Robloxia.

“This is the holdout. Most of Robloxia is there. The Super Mods are busy there protecting everyone” he said.

“So why do we have to go out and do the dirty work? Who told us to be the work dogs?” I was wondering why they send the group of ten out that didn’t have any weapons anymore.

“No one told us”

I turned back around to see Anaminus walk into the room. He seemed different now. I saw him back when we defended the Forums. Back then, he seemed like he had a handle on it all. But like Gordon, he seemed a bit more distressed now.

“The Super Mods don’t care about us anymore. They see us as normal users now. And since we don’t have the Banhammers anymore, we practically are. They think tha-”

“Anaminus! Quiet!” Gordon cut him off before he started yelling bad things. I guess the whole “mod” thing was still there.

“Listen. We may not have those hammers anymore. But we still know what we are doing. Everyone is back at the holdout. If no one goes out and tries to save the whole dang world, everyone is going to die. We can’t try getting our hammers back, nor will going to the super mods help. We also can’t put anyone else in danger.”

I looked back to see what Saparia was doing. She was resting her leg back in the other room. She was one of these people who didn’t have any help. Stuck out there, with only herself for protection. It’s amazing she lasted this long. And everything is going to get worse.

I looked back into the room. All the forum mods were here. They were all staring at me to see what I would say. I always seemed like the guy everyone looked to.

I only had one thing to really think of, or say.

“So what tower is next?”

Gordon smiled, and pushed the button on the device again. A black dot appeared again, close to where we are. A little info box popped up giving me the location’s name.

MikeD’s Paintball Arena.


Continue on to Chapter 19, or return to the main page.


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