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Chapter 19

Chapter 19: It’s Like Paintball, But You Can Die.

We continued on to the next destination. The plane didn’t have many windows, so all I got to see was metal and the other mods.

After a few hours of nothing, Seal called me back into another room in the back of the plane. I got up and went. When I entered the room, I saw everything. Guns, bombs, knives, bats, and anything that could hurt people.

“Take your pick” said Seal. He said that with a silly smirk on his face. I don’t know what was so funny, but I just looked around. Or, a better word would be browsing. I picked the standard: Pistol side arm, knife, and what looked like an old assault rifle.

I got it all together when I noticed a silver gun in the corner. It was behind some crates, but it still caught my eye. I walked over and moved the crates out of the way, and found … a paintball gun.

I knew that paintball guns didn’t kill. But I still had a feeling it would come in handy at Ultimate Paintball. I threw it into my bag, along with some other stuff that *might* come in handy – Explosives, extra ammo, and a bat. The bat was just for fun.

I was just packing it all together when Gordon entered the room and looked at who was there.

“You guys ready to jump?” Gordon said.

“Wait. JUMP?! You didn’t say that we had to JUMP.”

“Chill. We got parachutes. There isn’t enough room for a landing.”

We gathered in the same room as before. I still had no clue where we were. Everyone was gathering their supplies when I noticed Saparia was moving from her spot into the cockpit.

“Where are you going?”

“I can’t very well watch from here, can I?” She smiled, winked, and disappeared into the next room.

I smiled at the little humor, and got ready to do the jump. Finally, Gordon entered the room and checked to see everyone was ready. He gave one last briefing.

“We can’t get too close to the tower or else they can take us down mid-jump. However, we can land just behind the Blue castle. Lucky for us, the tower just happens to be where the old Red castle was. So, it will quite literally be just like a paintball game. Except you can die. Ready?”

I was busy thinking to myself “What a great note to leave off on” when I noticed the quick air pressure change as the door flew open. At first, no one moved. But the person in front jumped, and we went one-by-one, military style until we were all gone.

Meanwhile, somewhere else…..

“See anything from the feeds?”

“No. Ever since we lost most of them, I haven’t seen anything of interest.”

“… Well then, today is your lucky day. Look”

“Are those… people?!”

“It looks like some people are airdropping in. Fighting back.”

“How about we give everyone else a show?”

“Okay, but be ready to cut the feed if they lose.”


It was a long dive. It was the first time for me. I saw for miles. Islands and landmasses as far as the eye can see. I was almost too busy looking at everything to notice everyone else had pulled their chutes. Luckily, I noticed and pulled a few seconds late. This meant I was first to land.

I started my descent and noticed the landscape. It looked just like the Ultimate Paintball I played back in the real world. But with one major difference – A big, black tower where the other castle should be. I looked hard and saw a few little black dots patrolling the area.

I looked back to see where everyone else was going. I saw one figure point right at the other castle. Looks like it’s going to be a straight-up raid. This was the longest descent I have ever been on (even if it was my first)

Finally I hit the ground. I quickly threw off the parachute and pulled the rifle. I didn’t want any ambushes. Nothing moved, but I kept on pointing the gun in front of me. One by one, each mod landed.

Excelerate landed right next to me. Or should I say “crashed.” I didn’t notice, but his parachute didn’t deploy fully. He wasn’t hurt. I went over to check. He got up right away before everyone else noticed. But while he was busy looking around and checking to see who saw, I noticed that his guns were damaged.

“Excel, your gun.” He looked back to see what was wrong. I could see his face go from embarrassment to worry in a second.

I knew I had my pistol, so I just handed him my rifle. He felt better, but was about to ask about me. I didn’t let him ask. I just showed him my pistol.

Gordon walked over. He made the motion for silence. We continued to move off towards the tower. Two of us stayed behind because they had a few long-range guns and would be better as support. The rest of us waited behind the hill just outside the castle.

“Two ways we can do this,” Gordon said, “and both work just the same. We can charge straight on in, or we can try the stealth route.”

It was silence as we tried to think of the way, but one of the snipers up above answered.

“They noticed us! Go!”

We didn’t hesitate. We ran around and over the hill and went straight into the battle.


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