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Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Paintball Match.

We went charging in without much knowledge of what was ahead. Sure, I had played this map before. But not in first person.

The Shadows must have gotten close while we were thinking, because I saw a few in the first five seconds of us running. I pulled my pistol, but they had all been shot before I was ready to pull.

We continued on, shooting and moving. There were a lot of shadows, but we had a lot of bullets. I had the worst gun so I didn’t get many hits. At one point I thought I had hit Jacob, but he didn’t flinch so I must have missed.

We soon hit the middle of the arena. From here we could see everything that was coming at us. I looked behind me to see Gordon give a few motions. He wanted a group of us to run around and try to flank.

I ran, and Excel, Anaminus, and Aeacus ran with me. I was at the point, so I was able to get close enough to shoot most of the Shadows. Excel was right behind me and picked off anything I had missed or couldn’t reach.

After a few more minutes of fighting and reloading, we made it into the empty space between the arena and the mountains. We saw a big group of Shadows heading our way. We didn’t have any cover so we ran for the small bunker in the mountainside.

I made it up first and started to shoot down from the bunker. Excel followed while the other two watched and covered the way up.


My gun ran out of ammo again. I looked in my bag and noticed I had only one clip of pistol ammo left.

“Anyone got extra pistol ammo?!” I yelled over the firefight. Everyone looked at me and shook their heads. Great, one clip. I knew each clip had 20 bullets. I took my last few shots. 19. 18. 17 …. 10, 9, 8 … 4,3,2.. I stopped at two.

I needed a way to fight back. We were quickly being over run. I looked into my bag for ideas. All that I had was that paintball gun and the explosives. I thought I was a goner. I had no ammo….


I checked the explosives. It was like play-doh. I tested it real quick and formed it into a small ball. I grabbed that ball and threw it at the crowd.


The explosive detonated on impact.

I called Aeacus over. He was trying to ask what, but there was too much gunfire. I simply showed him by pointing at the paintball gun, pointing at the explosives in my hand, and forming it into a ball.

He got the idea. We quickly worked to form the ammo while Excel and Anaminus covered us.

A few minutes later…



The gun shot quickly. Each little ball hit its target and blew everything around it to bits.

We worked our way up around to the tower.


I was lucky the paintball gun still had some air left in it. Or CO2. Whatever this one used.


We were getting close to the tower. The others were covering me from being flanked by other Shadows.


I was within range of the tower. I looked at the base to see that hundreds of shadows were pouring out of the tower. I knew one shot wasn’t good enough.

The group of other mods had broken though and were picking off any Shadows trying to leave the Tower. My group was also busy shooting at the Shadows. They didn’t notice one sneak up and attack me from behind.

“AGH!” I shouted. I had me by the head and it took me to the ground. I quickly ripped it off and threw it into the mountainside. I hit the wall hard, but landed on its feet. It hardly paused before making another jump for me. I fumbled around and was able to grab my pistol.


I shot it mid flight. I rolled out of the way as it’s dead body hit the ground. I checked my pistol again. One shot left.

The others were starting to also run out and resorting to their pistols. We needed to take it down now. I knew I had to do it.

I quickly ran around the outside of our line up to the hill outside the tower. I had my paintball gun in my right hand and my pistol in my left.

I got a good charge and threw the paintball gun straight at the building. I let my arm’s momentum spin me around while I got the pistol into firing position.

Right as I was about to turn and shoot, I saw a Shadow try to dive and take the bullet for the gun. I didn’t hesitate because I only had one shot.


Everything was slowing down.


I saw the bullet come out of the barrel. It was whizzing in the air as it made a straight line for the paintball gun.


The gun was still flying mid air. The Shadow was still trying to save the tower. And still, I had great aim.


The bullet hit the Shadow in the hand, but passed right through and hit the paintball gun’s hopper. The explosion was big. It knocked every back a few good feet. I was thrown the farthest since I had to be close to throw the gun.

I hit the ground hard, barely missing slamming my head against cover from the arena. I looked up to see the tower falling backwards towards the mountain.

The other mods were already on their feet, retreating back towards the other castle.


“Yep, everyone is here.” said Gordon. “That was a hell of an idea, Briguy. Using explosives as paintball ammo? Hah, I’m glad we found you when we did.”

I smiled and looked back. The tower was gone, and we felt yet again the power surge back into our watches.

“We have power back at home base now. Lets head back.”

“Where is home base?” I asked. I wasn’t able to meet up with Gordon at one of his places.

“We figured any of our places were too easy to hit. So we found a spot that was easy to defend and no one would think of looking us for at” said Gordon.

“So, where?”

“The Doom Spire”


Continue to Chapter 21, or return to the main page.


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