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Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Less Doom, More Gloom

Meanwhile, somewhere else…

“Wow, they are really cheering out there.”
“That was quick thinking with the paintball gun.”
“I know. But I’m afraid they are stirring up hell”
“No matter. We gave them a good show… and some hope.”
“I don’t want to get hopes up when things are dire like this.”
“Keep an eye on everything else. I don’t think this was a one-time special”

The trip was instant to the Doom Spire, like it should be. I was a bit afraid of doing the transport thing again ever since I crashed before.

We made it, and I was a bit shocked. No, not at the spire. I knew what that looked like. Big, black, tall… I should really stop now. No, what really shocked me was the terrain all around it: perfectly flat. It went on for what seemed like miles. I couldn’t even see off the edge of the land chunk we were sitting on. If I didn’t know better, I would have sworn that we were on a normal planet.

I also had a nagging feeling that something was off. I just figured it was the terrain that was throwing me off. I turned back to the Spire to see that everyone was heading inside. I did the same.

The first floor was empty.

“We keep this empty so that any possible scouts will walk by and notice nothing was wrong.”

The second and third floors was filled with supplies. The fourth was filled with, as expected, living quarters. I was a bit surprised they had enough room for everyone.

We got to the lookout area. This room was filled up with tons of electronics. In the center, a big holographic map of Robloxia. I counted 13 red dots, and 2 blue dots. Two down, thirteen to go.

“This tower was once an outpost for a small clan. They had a lot of the electronics already, we just… beefed them up.”

I didn’t ask.

“Come on. Lets go up.”

I followed Gordon up the ladder into the next observation deck. This one wasn’t fancy: A few supplies strewn around, blankets, and a few rifles located at each side.

“Just in case?” I asked. Gordon nodded. He walked away an continued up another ladder to the top deck. I followed. This was the same as the last deck: Nothing fancy.

“We put someone up here on lookout to check if anything approaches. We are all tired of doing it, so its your job for the day. Yell if anything is strange.”

I was about to object, but he disappeared into the floor below before I could. I didn’t have much choice. I walked around and found yet another rifle, so I grabbed it, climbed on top of the little hut, and kept watch.

Lucky for me, I didn’t have a boring shift.

Within a half hour of me sitting there, I noticed something on the horizon. It was a small speck, too far away to make out with the naked eye. I looked around for something to get a better look. I didn’t find any binoculars. But after I ran around to check on the speck again, my rifle slid off my body. I reached down to pick it up… and noticed it had a scope. I used it to get a better look.

It was the plane that picked us up before and dropped us off. I was wondering who was piloting it when I finally noticed what was nagging me.

Saparia was still on that plane. I tried to get another look, and noticed something off the back. It was black, cloudy, and kept pace with the plane.

“Guys! The plane is coming in, and it’s on fire!”

I heard a rally of footsteps as everyone either ran up to the deck with me or ran to get a look out a window. Aeacus and Anaminus were the two who ran up to the top deck to join me.

“Who is piloting that plane?” asked Aeacus.

“It was supposed to come right back here with that girl. I installed an autopilot right before we left because we were all going to jump. Then we found Briguy and I forgot about it.” said Anaminus.

“Nothing we can do but watch” I said.

So we did. The plane got closer and closer. As it did, we got a better look as to what the damage was. There was a hole in the hull along the right side of the plane. I tried to look around the other side to see if there was an exit hole. Considering all the flying things in this world is living, I needed to make sure that whatever flew in also flew out.

After several minutes of watching it fly closer, it landed.

Wait, I mean crashed.

I wanted to make a joke about the “amazing auto-pilot” Anaminus installed, but I was too worried about Saparia. We all ran down the instant it hit the ground. I even tripped somwhere around floor two.

When we made it outside, we saw a massive plane wreck. This was another time I wanted to make a joke about how I was glad it missed, but I stopped myself when I remembered that no one here has knowledge of the real world.

We were about to go running in to find Saparia when she found us. She crawled out of the wreck. She had lots of cuts, bruises, and I assumed some broken legs.

Jacob and Seal ran to help her out. They carried her over to us. Someone ran inside to go grab some medical supplies.

“What happened to you, Saparia?”

The story she told changed everything.


I was in the plane’s control room. From there I was able to see you guys drop and land. After that, the plane’s auto pilot took control. I wanted to see the fight, so I messed with the auto pilot until I could take control. After fussing around with wires for a minute, I got it. I turned to see you guys advancing, killing, and at the end, exploding. I got to see the whole tower go down, and you guys go away.

I wanted to use my watch, but I broke the auto pilot so I had to take it back. Luckily I saw the map and knew which way to head.

Before I got far away from the arena, an alarm went off.I looked around to see a light flashing “PROXIMITY WARNING”. Next thing I knew, the plane shook. I grabbed a random bar from nearby and jammed the control stick so it woudn’t move.

When I made it into the next room, I saw the massive hole in the plane’s side. I started to look around to see what caused the damage when I was jumped by a shadow.

I didn’t have much in me to fight back, so it hurt me a lot. I thought it was going to kill me. But after one point, it just stopped, regained it’s composure, and started to talk.

“So I see you’re part of this little rebellion. I don’t really see why. We have wrecked all of this world. Even if you took out one of my towers or two, we still have a grip on the system. And soon, once we gather enough power, we can take the final holdout.”

The shadow walked towards the hole.

“You would need a special army to take me out. But I made sure that the army had lost about… ten members.”

The shadow jumped out.


Saparia finished her story on a scary note. An army? The final holdout? Enough power? and who was that shadow?

I was pondering these questions as we took Saparia up to rest in a bed. After we got her settled in, we walked up to the bottom observation deck and discussed what to do.

“This puts a serious rush on everything. I don’t know what their plans are. But if we don’t act soon, I’m afraid we will figure it out… when the plan goes into action” said Gordon.

“Wait. There’s something else” said Seal. He was checking some other machine at the edge of the deck. “We got a message while we were outside. Must have transmitted from the ship.”

He pressed a few buttons and something popped up on the main screen.

“Listen, we don’t have much time. I’ve been watching everything from the surveillance system. We can send some help to take out six towers. You guys have to worry about the other seven. Its either do that, or try to hold out.”

The voice appeared. It was MrDoom.

“We need to spread the doom, not spread the gloom. We need to bring the fight out instead of hiding it in.” He was already walking away from the light.

“Beware of Vibhu too. I heard he did some bad damage to that plane of yours.”


Continue on to chapter 22, or return back to the main page.


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