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Chapter 22

Chapter 22: 7 Way Attack

The message ended right on MrDoom’s last word. Right as it ended, the map re-appeared on the hologram. This time, 6 dots were changed to green. They were the farthest away from us, which saved us some time.

Everyone was still trying to figure this out. No one wanted to speak up and be the one with the plan, because if it failed, the end of Robloxia was on their shoulders.

So I had to be the one to speak up.

“Alright. Seven towers. More than seven of us. We will just split up and take them down. It’s the fastest, and there’s still a few of us left behind to help anyone that can’t do it. One tower at a time is too slow, and we need this done. Now.”

No one wanted to speak against this plan. It was crazy. One person fighting a whole horde of Shadows protecting a giant tower? It took all of us just to take down one.

After a minute, no one objected. I took total control. “Good. Everyone pack up. We’re going out now.”


Everyone got the same supplies. One pistol, one rifle, one blade, extra clips, and explosives. We were all walking bombs.

We all gathered outside. I stopped dead in my tracks as I figured something out.

“Wait. Was that our only plane?” I was pointing at the wreck just outside the spire.

“No. We had a hanger outside the tower. If we landed too close, they could follow us back here” said Anaminus. “The hanger is this way.”

We walked a long time. We just walked and walked. No one talked. Everyone was busy thinking of the war that they were about to enter. Alone.

I looked ahead to see if ANYTHING was coming up. Nothing was. And I mean nothing. The edge of this chunk of land was near, and I was very confused. I looked at the leader, Anaminus, getting close to the edge. He saw where he was going, so I trusted him.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when he just walked off the edge.

Everyone else followed. When I started to get near, I could hear things hitting metal. Finally, it was my turn. I looked over the edge to see a metal platform just off the edge of the landmass.

I jumped down to find a small tunnel, and to my right, a large tunnel. I followed the group in.

The hanger was hidden in the rock face. It was deep so that passing things would just assume it was a cave and fly away. But on the inside, it was all metal, with tons of tools and plane parts to fill every tabletop.

There was one big plane, almost identical to the one we had before. The only difference is that this one was hollow. No storage, no rooms, nothing. Just the seats for the pilot and the metal shell of the plane.

Within a matter of minutes, we were off.


Gordon pulled a small black plate out of his bag. He placed it on the floor and pressed it. It was a smaller, portable version of our map of Robloxia.

“This is our path” he said as he pressed the plate again. A line showed that jumped from tower to tower. “I don’t care what order we go in. However, I suggest we fly around a little to see who has the best prowess of the land so we have some kind of advantage.”

Everyone looked around. We all had our strengths and weaknesses, so we were hoping that someone here knew their way around.

“The first one is coming up in about 15 minutes. I hope they aren’t ready for a seven-way attack.”


Continue to Chapter 23, or return to the main page.


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