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Chapter 23

Chapter 23: No One Wants To.

We were still in silence as the plane buzzed along and made its way to the first target. I looked around out a few windows and noticed the sky was beginning to get a more orange-yellow tinge to it.

“What’s with the sky here?” I asked to everyone.

“It’s been like this in the area forever. It’s something in the air, I guess.” said Jacob.

I nodded, and continued to look off into the sky. Orange sky. I think I know where we are heading.

“First stop coming up!” said Anaminus from the front of the ship. We all got up and walked over to either a window or the door. I walked to the door and opened it up. Through all the wind, I didn’t see much. It was just sky everywhere. No landmass in sight.

After a minute of flying, I saw some land up ahead. I had to squint through the wind, but I saw some brown landmass coming up fast. There was no grass, just brown. As we got closer, I saw that it was actually brown pillars, not a mass.

Then it hit me: Sword Fight on the Heights.

“I call this one!” I said. “No one wuss out now, okay?” Everyone smiled back at me. I saw a big land pillar coming up, so I jumped.

The fall was pretty quick, since most of the pillars were higher up in the sky than normal. I had to pull my parachute only a minute after leaving the plane. And in another few minutes, I hit the ground.

I looked around to see that this was another place that was lost in translation. There wasn’t only a few pillars. They were as far as the eye can see. Each one was connected by bridges, floating platforms, or even the random elevator.

I was at a low point, so I didn’t see the tower. I looked around to see an elevator going up to the tallest one, so I headed that way.

I waited for the elevator. As I did, I looked up this pillars face. At first, it seemed normal. But something caught my eye. It looked like a rag was stuck to something on the rock face up ahead. I got on the elevator.

I got close to it and noticed that there was actually a cave here. The rock was dug so that you couldn’t tell unless you got right up to it like me.

The elevator wasn’t going to stop here, so I jumped into the cave as I passed by.

I was greeted by a man with a sword. He had the tip right on my chest. I looked up to see his face. He looked like he had been here for a long time. War ridden, dirty, even a scar.

But his most defining feature was the black iron crown on his head.

“Pokerman?” I asked.

The instant I said that, he lowered his blade.

“Briguy. It has been awhile.”


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