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Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Fights on the Heights

Pokerman held his hand out to help me up. I took it, and started to get a hold on the surroundings. Yep, it’s a cave.

He sheathed his sword, and motioned for me to follow him deeper. I walked farther in, but soon it started to get dark. I was only walking in one direction, but I was sure at one point that I would simply walk into a wall for a good laugh. As soon as the cave got pitch-black, I noticed a faint light farther in the cave.

I made it to the light to find a smaller, side cave with Pokerman stoking a fire. There was nothing else in the cave besides a small bed, and a few swords. I took off my bag full of weapons and left it at the entrance to this room.

“I’ve been in here since the Collapse. At first I thought it was a big disaster that I was stuck here, but it soon became fun. It’s like an endless horde of things to kill. I usually just parry with others, but now I can finally use these move to do some damage.” He was smiling at this notion.

“Do you know the area really well? I’m looking for a giant tower of evil. Can’t miss it.”

“Yeah, I saw it one day when those things were very few and far between. It seems to be the source. As of right now, it’s hard to get to.”


“A sea of black.”

Of course, I knew what he meant right away. So many Shadows that the ground was impossible to see. I knew it was going to be a challenge, but I didn’t think there were so many. I knew I needed help. Thankfully, all the help I needed was right here. I figured asking would help, but he interrupted me.

“Hey, did anyone see you on the way in?” He seemed a little worried.

“I wasn’t exactly being stealthy. Why?”

“This is my little hiding hole. If they found it then- Lookout!”

I instantly ducked and spun to the ground. I saw Poker take his sword out and slice a shadow out of the air in one motion. I looked to see that there were about five at the mouth of the room. Unfortunately, my bag wasn’t.

All five charged at once. I had to make a quick decision, so I made a dash for the swords on the side of the room. Two of the Shadows ran for me and the rest for Poker. I ran for the closest one, grabbed it, and turned to the two running at me. One made a dive.

I grabbed the hilt with one hand and the sheath with the other. In one motion, I took the sword out and hit the Shadow in the neck. It quickly hit the ground and turned into nothing.

The other paused, and ran off for the exit. I charged after it, but it was out running me. I figured I had only one shot, so I took the sword and threw it like a spear.

I missed and hit the ground behind it. One other Shadow also made it to the exit with Pokerman chasing after it.

“Little bugger just ran!” He seemed disappointed.

“And now there’s two running away about to tell the rest of them where we are.”

“Looks like we have a tower to take down.”

“How? One of them took my bag.” All my explosives were in the bag.

“I didn’t tell you this, but the tower is in a VERY precarious spot. It wouldn’t take much to knock it over.”

“How precarious” I asked.

“Imagine dominoes.”


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