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Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Very Precarious

“This way. There’s another way out through the back. It’s a big drop so it’s only one way” said Pokerman. We ran far into the cave, but slowed down again when it was getting dark. Soon we were at a crawl, just feeling our way through the dark cave. After a minute of complete darkness, a light was up ahead. It was just a hole in the ground, but light nonetheless.

At the edge of the hole were many more swords.

“I keep them everywhere in case something happens. Take your pick.” I browsed through the swords. No, too heavy. No, too short. After picking up a dozen swords, I found mine. A little long, but light and quick. I also grabbed a small dagger because, hey, I always find a way to use these things.

I got all the swords positioned on my back so I can easily reach them. When I was ready, I turned to Pokerman who was at the other side of the hole.

“Once we jump down, the tower will be in sight. You’ll be able to see how easy it is to take it down, but we need both of us to do it.”

“And the Shadows?” I asked.

“You have a sword.” That statement was enough to make me smile, and we were ready to jump.

We jumped. We landed on Shadows. Nothing but shadows as far as the eye can see.

Over in the distance, a giant rock formation was paralleling the tower. At the base of the rock formation was a small river that cut into the base, only giving it a few feet of rock to stand on.

Already we were being charged by hundreds of Shadows.

“Fight towards the Tower!” shouted Pokerman.

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