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Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Ready? FIGHT!

This was one of those moments where a phrase was running through my brain, constantly causing me to see what was going on in a different light.

I wish I had a camera.

I wish I had some awesome music to play right now

I wish I had seen this coming.

Most of all, I wish there weren’t so many of them.

They attacked in one big mass, trying to overload us with their weight to keep us from moving closer. A figurative storm had moved over the sea of Shadows, and we were at the eye of it. If we didn’t have each other, I’m sure things would be much worse.

But we did have each other. One by one, slice by slice, we fought our way up to the top. Shadows dropped and exploded into nothing, while the tower shook at each death to shoot off more of it’s mass at us.

Each kill seemed to make me stronger, preparing me for the rest. I wasn’t taking anything physical from them, it was a question of morale. Every slice through the “flesh” of a Shadow seemed to make me feel stronger, even though I wasn’t. It made me feel better, even though things were getting worse.

Most of all, it made me feel like this war was going to be won.

We were close, only about a hundred feet from the giant rock formation. The plan was simple: knock it over. The two of us had enough strength to knock it over. Or hopefully, we will. We lost a lot of energy trying not to die.

“I’ll clear the way so we can get a run at it!” Pokerman shouted from a few feet away. The roar of the Shadows attacking us in waves was louder than anything I have ever, and hopefully never will, hear. Poker fought forward while I stood my ground, making sure we had a clear path.

The sea of Shadows seemed to be thinning out as I held and continued to fight on. I gained more hope from this, and gained more energy to do that final push.

“Get ready!” Poker shouted as he reached the rocks. I quickly turned to see he cleared the path, but he needed to get back to me before we could do anything. I turned back to the fight to see…

Nothing. Where did they all go? It was a sea out here.

I turned back to find them all: surrounding Pokerman.They stood there, motionless. They knew that we were a team, and right now they had made the winning move. All of them stood, staring right at Pokerman, who was frozen with the coldness of fear.

One shadow turned to me, and said “Gamee. Overr”

What do I do? He’s toast, and he’s the only one who can help me destroy the tower. I need him to save the day, and hopefully save Robloxia.

I need him so no one else can get hurt.

At this thought, I felt something. Something I haven’t felt since that day at the Forums. Something that I didn’t know what it felt like until it was gone. A power, a force. A warmth coming from the recesses of my body and soul.

I knew what I could do again.

The shadows began to slowly approach Poker. He was panicking. He gave me one glance, and I knew how to save him.

“Jump!” I said. Pokerman didn’t doubt me, and he quickly got air. At the same time, I ran forward and jumped. With all my might and my new power, I punched the ground will full force.

The energy waved out, destroying all the shadows that were around Poker, who was in the air still and didn’t get hurt.

The energy continued out, hitting the rock formation and beginning to topple it.

No one will get hurt. No one will die like this. The power isn’t in that stupid orb. The power to fight back isn’t a physical thing that can be destroyed.

It’s a part of me.

A large earthquake quickly shook me out of my trance.  The rocks were falling into the tower, but the base that held it up was beginning to go too. Poker was on the ground, in shock about what had just happened.

“Let’s go!” I shouted. He started to move, but the ground between him and I gave away. Pokerman was heading straight down. The gap quickly opened into something that I couldn’t go get him and make it back safe.

I looked up to see the tower also giving way to fall into the nothingness that was the old core of Robloxia. My mind was clear, quickly thinking of ideas. Something connected, and I was quickly forming a plan.

Let’s hope this works a second time.

I took a step forward to the edge. I put my arms out, and fell forward.

I took the shape of a bullet, quickly gaining speed to catch up to Pokerman. I had only a small window between when the tower was out of the world, but we were still in.

I caught up to Poker, who was still in a trance of panic. One good slap took care of that.

“Open up and try to slow down!” I shouted through the wind. He quickly opened his arms and legs, and we slowed down as the rest of the rocks flew past us with increasing speed.

Both of our watches reactivated. He felt it, and quickly knew what to do.

“The Doom Spire!”

We were off in a flash.

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