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Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Recovery

Pokerman and I landed side by side in front of the tower. He looked around and was a bit put-off by the plane wreck not to far away.

“It’s okay.” I said, and headed up the tower. Pokerman stayed behind me because now we were in my territory. We took our time going up because we were still exhausted by the fight.

When we came up to the living quarters, Saparia was resting in one of the beds. I wanted to leave her to her rest, but Pokerman had to ask.

“Who’s she?”

At the sound of the voice, Saparia rose from her bed. She was groggy, but she was able to tell there was someone here who wasn’t usually here.

“Who’s he?” she asked.

“I’ll explain it all later. We need to get to the control room and see how everyone else is doing” I said quickly. Saparia rushed out, still in her shredded clothes from the crash. She had the energy to move quicker, but she still stayed with us just in case she had to return the favor.

We made it up into the control room. It felt weird, being quiet and void of life. I pointed Pokerman to a seat near the radio. “Tell me if someone tries to call in” I said. Pokerman simply nodded and walked over to the seat.

I made my way over to the hologram table, and Saparia followed.

“I think we’re still patched into the network. Maybe we can get some info on how many towers are down.” I pulled up the map, and tried to update it with new information. I saw many of the dots pop off the map, but they were the ones far away and not the ones we were sent to go destroy.

“I wonder why I was the only one to do it so far.” I was watching the map, waiting for something to happen.

We waited. Every few minutes I hit a button to try to update the map, hoping another dot would go away. Nothing.

We continued to wait. No new information was coming in anymore. The radio was silent. No new transmissions. Nothing in the skies around us, just… nothing.

We were losing hope. I didn’t want to watch the map anymore. I started to walk over to the stairs when Pokerman tried to call me over.

“Hey, if you’re going to go out, take this.” He handed me an earpiece. “I think it’s patched into our radio right now.”

“Thanks” I said. I put it in and went outside to get some air.

The sun had set, but there was still some light. I never really understood the day cycle here because Robloxia was just a bunch of floating islands. I mean, if it was night, sunlight might still shine through.

I looked off to the closet edge to check if sunlight was shining through. But the only way to tell was if something flew over the gap and reflected sunlight.

As I was staring off, I noticed a star twinkling just above the gap. Checking around, I noticed none of the other stars were even close to twinkling.

“Poker, is there something coming in on the radar?”

“I got something, but it says it’s a friendly.”

“Alright, keep an eye on it.” I was getting excited. Finally, something. I guess someone did do their job.

“Briguy, come in. This is Saparia.” She sounded like she was in a panic.

“What is it?” I was worried again. Saparia doesn’t worry unless things are dire.

“I checked the map. Nothing has changed. Whoever is in that plane, we don’t know.”

“But Poker said it was a friendly!”

“It is.”

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