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Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Answers

The star got brighter and brighter until I was able to make out it’s shape. It looked like another plane, but this one is high tech: Boosters, smooth body, no noise. I forgot that the real Roblox had one of everything. It was about time I upgraded.

The plane headed straight for the grassy area in front of me. I didn’t want any suprises. “Saparia, come down here just in case.”

“What about me?” Pokerman’s voice was borderline complaining.

“You’re still exhausted from the fight, and I want someone on radio.”

The plane was getting slower to the point that it was just hovering. It was still silent, but I could feel the air as it rushed past me. The plane lowered as Saparia came out and stood right next to me. She handed me a holster with a pistol and I put it on.

The plane finally landed and shut it’s engine off. We stood there for a minute, just waiting for something.

Finally a hatch opened, and a figure came out and smiled.

“Figures I’d find you here.”

It was Acoreus, the first person I found when I came to Robloxia. I just smiled and laughed. He disappeared after I started to save the Forums. Now, he’s here again.

“Why are you here?” I asked.

“I brought along a friend who might answer that.” He walked out to give room to the next man. He was big and tall, and was wearing something. A big, red teapot as a hat. He walked down, and stood in front of me. I looked at his teapot, trying to figure out if he could see me or not.

He finally took off his teapot and showed the face of a war-torn man, but friendly and even more..human.

“Hi. I’m Clockwork.”

I was stunned. Clockwork was an even older intern, like Vibhu. But maybe he’s an even older version, and maybe not evil version of Vibhu.

“I know. No, I’m not evil. I know that Vibhu has really put you off being friends with people like me, but you need to listen.”

Pokerman appeared next to me, wanting to be a part of the action. I didn’t mind. This was important.

“We are a group, dedicated to overthrowing the admins. We aren’t evil, we just want power to be in the hands of those who earn it, not be born with it. That’s why we’re friends with the mods of the Discussion Area. They earned it. We had spies following you, making sure you are assissted wherever you needed.”

At this, both Saparia and Pokerman shifted, and I could sense a change in their mood.

“Both of them?” I asked, pointing to my two friends beside me.

“They are with us, but we lost contact with them after the attack.” They both shifted again, giving me the look that said ‘I’m sorry, but hey! I helped!’

They walked over to be behind Clockwork.

“But that isn’t important. Briguy, we need you. Vibhu has too much power, and he knows too much. One wrong move and he can send an army to attack our world an-”

“Wait, OUR world?” I shouted.

Clockwork stopped. He said the wrong thing, but it was too late.

“Yes, I’m the real Clockwork. A user, just like you and Vibhu.”

“So do all the interns end up here?”

“We do because we are careless.”

“Whatever. How are ‘we’ supposed to stop him? Better yet, why didn’t your ‘spies’ help the other mods attack the other towers?”

“We couldn’t find you until now.” Saparia shifted again at this. Clockwork continued. “Listen, this isn’t the time to argue about things now. We need you to come with us. We have a plan, and you darted away before we could get you in on things.”

“Wait, when?”

“When you went to go talk to the admins.”

“You KNEW this attack was going to happen?”

“Yes, but you. Darted. Away.” He was started to get irritated, mad at all my questions.

I was getting mad too. “It’s not my fault I was pulled in here, no questions asked OR answered!”

Pokerman put his hand to his ear. He was getting something that I wasn’t. I assume he was patched into their radio now. Pokerman walked over to us. “We gotta clear soon, they’re getting near.”

Clockwork got even closer to my face. “Just come with us, and I’ll explain everything.”

He walked back onto the plane, followed by Saparia and Pokerman.

What choice do I have? I can only assume the other mods are dead, and that this battle might be lost unless I go and do something. But who are these people? Why is Clockwork a user, a controller like me? Why are they trying to keep me out of the loop?

No choice left, I got on the plane.

Continue on to Chapter 29, or return to the main page.


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