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Rocket Reviews #1

This is the insanity I have to make in order to fit a review in 30 seconds. It’s really fast paced and I do screw up a bit (I call it a “title screen” when it’s really the class selection screen) That being said, there wasn’t too much of a process behind this video. I filmed about ten minutes of gameplay and cut in the parts that I needed to convey the gameplay part of the review.

Base wars is a nice place but it’s very overwhelming and I don’t think I’ll understand the place unless I sit in there for another hour or two. It’s very off-putting to new players but I saw players with 500+ kills so there’s something to the place that makes people really want to stay and continue killing other players. My other gripe, other than the learning curve, was the shoddy vehicles. You either have to play in first person or zoom REALLY far out to get some good controls. Any middle ground just gets blocked by the plane or vehicle itself.

I hope to do more of these Rocket Reviews soon. I like them a lot: I can’t go rambling on with 30 seconds so it’s clear and concise, but quick editing and quick jokes are my style and I can work with it and make it funny. They also don’t take very long (about 1-2 hours each) and players can upload them for their galleries since it’s under 30 seconds. Later on I’ll probably be open for requests, but right now I’m doing RRs on places that I want to do them on.



Ten Minute Reviews #6

Starting now, I’m going to explain a bit of the process behind these videos

This one took a long time, mostly because I tried to revamp the series but with not a complete effect. The biggest difference is the opening which took a while to get right because I had to learn how to use Masking to get the videos to be split side by side and to get the text to change colors.

I finished the opening and saved it seperately so I can reuse it. I had no clue what I was going to review at the time. I think the idea to put old vs new came in the middle of the night. Yeah, Roblox is in my head a lot.

You’ll notice during the end that I managed to get up to the rocket launcher on the hill and kill myself. This was the first time ever I’ve reached that rocket launcher. And I blew myself up. I was pretty mad, but then I started laughing when the “Hacking Detected. Log file sent to Roblox” thing popped up. I apparently caused a hacking report. Yaaaaay.

Writing the script turned out to be the hardest part of the video because it was hard to settle on what to say. I wanted to put more emphasis on the fact that I’m trying to review the game based on the first ten minutes and how it’s supposed to grab your attention and blahblah. That didn’t happen at all in the final draft.

It was fun to make, and I’m still playing with this series and trying to see where it’s going.


Video Making 101

Hello friends! Did you see that new feature that shipped today? No, not the Relevence button. I mean the gallery and the ability to use videos to advertise your place!

What is the Gallery?

Every place has a gallery which you can add to. To access this gallery, go to any of your places, hit Configure, then click on the Gallery link under your place picture. The gallery is a, well, gallery of pictures a player will see when he or she views your place page. It is a good way to show people more than one static shot of your place, and you can even put videos in the Gallery!

So what? I can’t make videos!

Yes you can! Roblox ships with a video recording feature built in. Plus, Windows comes with Windows Live Movie Maker, and Macs come with some other video editing program whose name I can’t remember iMovie. These programs are very easy to use and will give you decent results, as long as you use it right.


  • Don’t try to cram your whole place into 30 seconds! Look at commericals on TV, they only show you the best of the best of what they have to offer. You should do the same! Find some awesome action in your place! Obbie? Show some awesome jumps and try to taunt them into your place (ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH TO JUMP OVER THIS LAVA?!?!)
  • Find fitting music. I don’t want to hear in your videos LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOOOOOOOOOOOOR and I doubt anyone else does too. There’s a bunch of really great places to find some free music. (I get the music for my videos from here!) Find something that fits. Don’t worry if the music starts pretty boring and gets awesome near the end. You can always edit it and just make it that 30 seconds.
  • Don’t voiceover unless you have a good mic AND a good voice. Please. Also take into account background noise. Try to get a “clean” recording without any noise. Some programs, such as Audacity, can edit it out.
  • If you can’t fit it in your 30 second video, just take pictures and upload those instead. Videos are nice, but just having something static that people can analyze and take in is always good too.
  • Experiment! Not only with videos and styles, but even having the the videos on or off in the gallery. The gallery is the last line before someone decides to enter your place or not. You don’t want someone to see a video and decide AGAINST going into the place! Watch your visits, experiment with items, and see what gives you the best visits!

If you’re really into videos, you might want to upgrade to some better programs. They’ll cost some money, and there’s going to be a big learning curve, but they will get the job done better.

However, it’s still super easy to get some videos made! Try it out!


10 Minute Reviews #5

There’s some awesome changes coming to 10 Minute Reviews soon!

Good news everyone!

I’m going to be at Roblox Convention 2012! Woo!

More information soon. Will Briguy’s Roblox be covering the event? Will I be up on stage? Will I have a booth? Will an irritated user punch me in the face? All that (minus the punching) will be explained! Eventually!


Pirates of Robloxia Vs. Galleons

Sorry, I forgot to post this when I made it.

Briguy’s Roblox is looking for staff!

Briguy’s Roblox is one of the older Roblox fan-blogs, and I’ve never forgotten where it came from and how it got to where it is now. While most of the content is made by me (hence the blog name) I’ve gotten lots of help from others. From the first two writers Diin and Vader92195, to the more recent ones Knexer and Arceus25, they’ve all helped make this blog what it is and helped me out a lot.

But the thing they did the best was creating unique content that no one else had tried before. I started this blog on place guides. XiaoXiaoMan (who is now a bit more notorious than when he wrote for me) reviewed old and classic places to see how they held up today. Knexer started (and still does) in-game interview videos. All of these things were new for the time, and they did it the best of everyone at the time.

And now, Briguy’s Roblox is opening it’s doors yet again for new writers to come on board and write for this blog.

So how do I apply?

I’m going to do something a bit different. I want you to prove to me that you, as a writer, can bring something different to the table instead of the standard reviews/news/interviews. Have a crazy video series idea? Want to write about the theory of relativity in Roblox? Tell me! Let me know your crazy ideas, how you plan to do them, and a snippet of what it would be like (if possible)

Where do I put this?

Right here!

When will I know?

You’ll get a PM sometime during February if you get picked. If you don’t get a PM, don’t nag me

I like my idea, and I’m afraid this is a clever scheme to steal it!

Then don’t put it in. If I like your idea, I’m going to come to you and we’re going to work together to make it work. If I like it and you don’t want to work on it, I will still ask for proof. If I like it and you don’t want to do it, and you won’t let me do it, then I won’t.

Get brainstorming!