Submit To Us!

We here at Briguy’s Roblox are lazy like to open our doors to submissions from any normal user. It can be about anything – A review, An idea, an opinion, or anything about Roblox or Robl0x-Related. We don’t want to be limited to our main writers. The rest of you may have other opinions

There are limits!

  1. No Self-Advertising or reviews that look like ads. This site is to show people “Hey, this game sounds cool” not “Hey, this site says this is the best game ever!”
  2. Sound professional. We might not take things seriously all the time, but that’s us. You should write it to sound like something a lot of people want to read, not “kid talk”
  3. If you’re doing an opinion, please keep it PG. You are okay to say that you don’t like something, but just bashing won’t get you posted.
  4. Of course, spelling and grammar is a must!


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